Promotions, 3m Words, 7th Anniversary
Published by KermMartian 14 years, 11 months ago (2009-03-26T05:35:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

On the recent return of old users Ultimate Dev'r and Alex10819 and sharply increased forum activity over the past few weeks, longtime (often controversial) user Kllrnohj has been promoted to a Global Moderator, the second rank under Administrator and above Moderator. He now has the power to edit and delete topics and posts across the forum when I am indisposed or don't notice a particular transgression. Please let me know how he's doing; although select users have vocally opposed Kllrnohj's somewhat blunt approach to newbies and seasoned users alike, his unwavering support of free speech make him a good choice for a global moderator.

In other website news, Cemetech has recently reached 3 million words posted. In fact, as of this article, 867 users have written 89,072 posts in 3,206 topics totalling 3,019,864 words and garnering 5,544,388 topic views. In the Cemetech archives, the 381 programs that have been written by 35 authors have been downloaded a total of 11,984 times. Ironically, this article falls very close to the seventh anniversary of Cemetech's calculator releases (although programs had been written two years previously, and Cemetech itself existed from around the same time or earlier, originally a theoretically company called C-Tech intended to develop and manufacture my hardware inventions).