Contest #6 [Utility] Results!
Published by KermMartian 15 years, 2 months ago (2009-04-10T15:26:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

It's been a long time since the submissions for this were due (nearly two months, I'm embarrassed to admit), but at last I found time and motivation in my schedule to finish grading the Contest #6 entries. We received eight entries covering a variety of types and programming styles, some exemplary, some needing significant polishing. In the end, we found two clear winners, one each for the Pure BASIC and Hybrid BASIC/ASM categories.

Congratulations to Jake Roussel and Nathaniel Verhaaren, the programmers of Toolkit v2.1, Contest 6's winners for the BASIC category. They put together an impressive entry that was functional, useful, and well-coded. An Honorable Mention goes to Matt Pierce for Index83, a small and efficient reference to the TI-83 family's functions. Honorary userbars for the winners are below, and the winners will be notified of prizes shortly.

Congratulations to Brandon Wilson, unsurprisingly the winner of the Hybrid BASIC/ASM category with Hookman. The fulfillment of several years of false starts by various members of the community, Hookman at last provides an application to manage hooks installed by different applications, seamlessly handle chaining to avoid conflicts, and even patches the OS to keep things running smoothly. Although it's not 100% complete (although by the time I finished grading the contest, it might be), even in the form I tested it was very handy. An Honorable Mention is due to ZagorNBK for XDCS, an impressive xLib clone of the Doors CS 6 GUI system. Honorary userbars are below, and Brandon will shortly be notified about prizes.

Thank you once more to all the participants, winners and not; almost all of you submitted excellent programs, and I look forward to seeing you in future contests that will hopefully be graded a bit more promptly. Please see the attached thread for full grading details.