One Thousand Users; More Numbers!
Published by KermMartian 14 years, 9 months ago (2009-09-05T04:00:46+00:00) | Discuss this article

Just over five years since the current iteration of the Cemetech forum opened at InvisionFree, we have reach 1,000 users! These one thousand are all human, non-spam users, since Cemetech's antispam measures implemented by our member and my co-administrator elfprince13. A bit of history on this special occasion, of which you can read more at Cemetech :: About. As a few of you may remember, the very first Cemetech forums took the form of a message board embedded in an ancient geocities website, a single-page of threaded discussions about Cemetech and its projects; of all of you, I think only tifreak8x was around at that point. In July 2004, Cemetech opened an InvisionFree forum, which used to be accessible at [url=], but which now is hidden behind a redirect to this site. In March 2005, I created a phpBB forum on the new site, which no longer exists; later in that year, I moved to paid hosting with Jatol and then moved to SurpassHosting when Jatol went under a year and a half ago. The Cemetech forum thus has posts contiguous to over four years ago, and a users list and postcount dating back to July 2004, well over half a decade ago.

Congrats to everyone for some of the other impressive numbers; hopefully you all love statistics as much as me. I of course have the most posts, with 26,350 in the past five years, just over one-quarter of the grand total, and 617,000 of the 3.3 million total words that Cemetech posts boast to date (excludes quoted text). Tifreak8x comes in second with 6,645 posts and 183K words, the ever-controvertial Kllrnohj follows on his heels with 6,514 posts and a whopping 364K words, Ultimate Dev'r is in fourth with 6,117 posts and 148K words, and elfprince13 trails in a close fifth with 5K posts and 200K words. 3,471 topics have been posted with a total of 94,130 posts and over 6 million topic views from members and the internet at large. The file archives is currently just shy of 400 entries, the majority written by me but the remaining items contributed by 38 other authors, bringing in 14.6K downloads. Of course, this pales in comparison to a number that continues to surprise me, the 755,000 downloads that my-slash-Cemetech's programs have earned at the perennially-dominant, or over three-quarters of a million.

Here's to many more decades of growth and success as Cemetech continues to follow its founding principles of graphing calculator development and expands into new and exciting technologies. Thanks for all your hard work!

Edit: Rivereye, the pre-eminent and long-standing Cemetech user and officer, has pointed out an error that I am happy to correct. He, not elfprince13, holds the distinction of the fifth-highest posting user, with 5,344 posts and 118K words; elfprince, alas, falls to sixth place.