Doors CS 6.7.6 Beta
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 10 months ago (2010-07-21T04:36:05+00:00) | Discuss this article

In the interest of completing all of the To-Do items on my To-Do List and solve all the bugs on the same list, I have decided to push back Doors CS 6.8 beta from its original July 20th deadline (today) until August 1st or earlier, depending on how long each of the items takes. At this point, all of the major primary features for Doors CS 7 have been implemented in Doors CS, and almost all of the secondary features as well. All of the remaining To-Do items are minor fixes, and as I'm dealing with a current distribution of 606 bytes free on Page 0, 1202 bytes on Page 1, and 840 bytes on Page 2, I don't anticipate any sizeable additional features. Since Doors CS 6.7 was released, a bunch of new features and bugs have been implemented:

:: Plenty of optimizations for both speed and size, respectively making the shell feel faster and giving me more leeway for additional fixes and features.
:: Completed new sum(13) DCSB Lib function, facilitating attractive Menu()s in BASIC programs with minimal GUI effort.
:: Added [STO>] as method to break out of sum(12).
:: Expanded SE functionality within Doors CS desktop.
:: Repaired three bugs with GUIRTextMultiline scrolling calculations.
:: Adding scroll wrapping to DCS desktop. Scroll up at the top to go to the bottom, scroll down at the bottom to go to the top.
:: Moved GUIRTextLineIn, GUIRPassIn, and GUIRTextMultiline to an edit buffer for faster typing.
:: Reduced DCS Menu to three items: Display, About, Options.
:: Added more understandable BASIC Exec errors.
:: Added folder and screen saving so after using the Properties menu, running a program, or quitting, you start where you left off.
:: A plethora of bug fixes.

For your edification, especially for those who want to give sum(13) a try, you can download an informal release of the current internal beta (6.7.6) at the link below. If you give it a try, feel free to let me know about any bugs you find or feature suggestions that you have.

[Download] Doors CS 6.7.6 Beta

From left to right: sum(13) in action, scroll wrapping, the new DCS Menu, and folder/scroll saving.
Sum(13) in action in Doors CS Doors CS 6.7.6 scroll wrapping Doors CS 6.7.6 new DCS menu Doors CS 6.7.6 scroll saving