Play [Games] on Your TI-83+/SE or TI-84+/SE
Published by KermMartian 12 years, 7 months ago (2011-10-22T02:46:45+00:00) | Discuss this article

For many months, I've wanted to make a video series about playing various games on your calculator. I know that many people, especially those outside the community, get lost when faced with the task of uploading and playing games on their calculators, so I figured a video series would be a nice way to help them learn. Of course, it also provides a perfect opportunity to promote Cemetech as a resource for people looking for help to visit, as well as a venue to show the powers of Doors CS, a win-win for everyone. I started with Sam Heald's classic ASM game, Super Mario 1.2, as the subject of the first in the series. Indeed, the level file included can't be loaded as-is (needs a fixed level pack), so it's a great candidate for a how-to video. You can see the results of my first effort below. I'm fairly happy with the simplicity of the presentation, but for future videos, I hope to add a few more details. In particular, a video on downloading and installing TI-Connect might be good, and as far as the game videos themselves, I believe that a few video clips of inserting the direct USB or SilverLink cable and a video of the TI-Connect process might be helpful. I hope that you gallant folks at Cemetech, especially the ones with experience capturing screen videos, might be interested in helping with this project!