Cemetech Gets a Fresh Look
Published by KermMartian 11 years, 7 months ago (2012-10-25T21:57:02+00:00) | Discuss this article

At Cemetech, we work hard to create an experience that our members can enjoy while they learn, and the look-and-feel of the site is no exception. We feel that our current grey-and-maroon theme, called "Cemetech6", is iconic, and it's not going to change massively in the next few years. We are far too busy to design a new look, let alone overhaul the massive (and growing) codebase that underpins all of the Cemetech features you enjoy. However, we also don't hesitate to listen to member feedback, so when one member suggested that our site header looked stale and old-fashioned, the Cemetech staff sat down and discussed frankly what we could do.

Behold the results of our work. We have replaced the single TI-83+, still my favorite calculator design but seen by many as outdated, with a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition side-by-side with a Casio Prizm. This particular TI-84+SE happens to be property of Cemetech administrator Elfprince13. The "Leading the Way to the Future" motto gained a cleaner, easier-to-read font, while the Cemetech logo itself underwent a significant overhaul. Since I first doodled the logo riding a New York City bus twelve years ago, markers in hand, the logo has stayed conceptually the same. A yellow lightning bolt has always overlaid maroon all-caps text. This newest iteration is the first to use real lightning, decorated with the appropriate glow and shadow, over a thinner and more professional-looking font for the CEMETECH text.

At the same time, various Cemetech features have been quietly overhauled. SourceCoder 2.5 has had a few touchups for ease-of-use, and jsTIfied continues to evolve even in its Release Candidate form. It now has an expanded debugging that includes a disassembly view and a memory pane. We hope you enjoy the new eye candy and functional elements of the site, and our dwindling free time notwithstanding, don't hesitate to share any suggestions or requests.

The old Cemetech site header (top) and new header