Graph3DP v1.0 Beta 1; Prizm Hacking Continues
Published by KermMartian 12 years, 2 months ago (2012-04-02T00:06:12+00:00) | Discuss this article

I'm proud to present the first public beta of Graph3DP, a 3d graphing application for the Casio Prizm. Enter one to six 3D equations Z=f(X,Y) in terms of X and Y, adjust the window as need, and spin and zoom the resulting graph! This public beta demonstrates most of the major features of the program, including entering multiple equations, graphing, adjusting settings, and even tracing graphs. Additional work is still to be done on many of the features:

:: Debugging and expanding the parser
:: Debugging input routines
:: Adding the zoom menu
:: Adding real-time zooming
:: Improving the rotation algorithms to support dynamic axes
:: Complete tracing features
:: More graph-coloring schemes.

Give it a download and try it today! In other news, Cemetech's developers have been hard at work expanding Cemetech's WikiPrizm reference resource for Prizm users and programmers alike, and have been ardently working to learn more about the Prizm's hardware. Ashbad and myself, aided by Fishbot, new Cemetech member brijohn, and others, have been working with things like overclocking and directly accessing the data lines in the Prizm's serial / I/O port. Brijohn, using his experience with Casio's electronic dictionaries and translators, correctly pegged the CPU core as an SH7724 chip from Renesas, whereas previous guesses had ranged from the SH7721 to the SH7730 even to the fx-9860G's SH7705 CPU. With this information, Ashbad has now succeeded in tweaking the CPU speed in software, and will be reporting further findings soon. I'm poring over possible port numbers to determine how to poke the MSIOF port; if I'm successful, bidirectional transfers on both the RxD and TxD lines might be possible, meaning that CALCnet and stereo audio might be coming soon. If you don't have a Prizm, I highly recommend that you grab one today and join the development of open-source software on a device that the manufacturer isn't actively trying to lock down.

[Casio Prizm] Graph3DP v1.0 Beta 1