More Prizm Gaming: 3D and OverClui
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From the day that the Casio Prizm was first announced, I have been impressed with the polished, professional C and BASIC programs the coders of Cemetech have dreamed and created. Today we'll be focusing on the newest accomplishments of AHelper, gbl08ma, and PierrotLL. Two of the three programs are 3D games, an area that we've only recently begun to explore on the Prizm. The first 3D program was Graph3DP, my color 3D graphing utility for the Prizm of which the first beta has been released. 3D on the Prizm has been brought even further by AHelper, who first ported over a 3D rendering engine with occlusion, colors, polygons, and even lighting, then added textures and full-screen rendering. You can see the log of AHelper's 3D engine development on the Cemetech forum, complete with videos and animated GIFs of the engine's development. His work culminated in a two-player 3D checkers game for the Prizm, which you can download from the Prizm fx-CG10/cg20 Games section of the Archives.

Three entries were submitted to the Planete Casio 48-Hour Prizm Contest, which also focused on 3D programs. In the genre of 3D games, CubeField by PierrotLL stood out as truly 3D, and a great port of a game that has also been ported to the Nspire calculator. We look forward to CubeField arriving in the Cemetech archives soon. Rounding off recent Prizm developments at Cemetech, gbl08ma has taken Ashbad (and others') work on Prizm overclocking and created a new, simplified overclocking program called OverClui. You can slide the calculator's speed along a scale from 3.6MHz all the way up to 94.3MHz, close to twice as fast as the calculator's native speed. Be sure to check out all of these new releases on your own Prizm and post your feedback, congratulations, and suggestions in the projects' threads below!

Downloads and Discussion Topics
3D renderer with software rasterizer by AHelper
3D Checkers by AHelper
OverClui - an user-friendly UI for over/underclocking by gbl08ma

Left to right: CubeField by PierrotLL, Checkers3D by AHelper, 3D Engine Test by AHelper, and OverClui by Gbl08ma