New Moderators: Tari, Weregoose, Xeda112358
Published by KermMartian 12 years, 1 month ago (2012-05-09T17:55:50+00:00) | Discuss this article

With our recent takeover of United-TI, our blossoming Casio Prizm coding community, and many popular projects that have been gaining more attention of late, Cemetech's activity is moving ever-higher. As you may know, we here at Cemetech believe in the importance of quality over quantity, though, so we measure ourselves in the refinement and polish of our projects, the correctness of our spelling and grammar, and the elevation of our respect for each other's technical prowess over things like postcount and visitor count. Maintaining a high standard is generally easy when you have a large userbase of like-minded coders and hackers who audit their own posts and topics. Even the most seasoned users are bound to occasionally make errors, though, and new users who haven't fully absorbed our rules and culture may make accidental or intentional faux pas. Thus we have a hierarchy of Cemetech staff, from myself as Founder at the top, to administrators, global moderators, and moderators. I am happy to welcome three new staff members to the Cemetech team.

Tari, also known as IkariTari or TheTari, has been with us for just shy of six years. He initially started as a calculator programmer and real-life friend of Jonimus/TheStorm, but quickly moved on to computer programming, embedded development, and hardware hacking. Like myself, he is interested in the low-level mechanics of how things work, and in recognition of his hardware expertise and level-headed leadership style, I am happy to welcome him as a new global moderator. With the absorption of the United-TI forum and file archives come a few dedicated staff members that the Cemetech staff felt deserved a place of recognition here. TI-BASIC coder extraordinaire Weregoose, previously recognized for his skills with the distinction of "Cemetech Expert", has been made the moderator of the TI-BASIC subforum. We feel this is a well-deserved promotion, and look forward to him continuing to share his impressive optimization skills with us. Finally, but certainly not least, Xeda112358 is a relatively recent addition to Cemetech and to the TI programming community, but has shown great promise with her work on Grammer and BatLib, projects to expand the complexity of on-calculator programming. We welcome her as the z80 Assembly subforum moderator, replacing the sadly inactive Chipmaster, and look forward to more progress on her projects once she returns from a summer hiatus.

Please join me in warmly welcoming these three new staff members.