Doom, 3D Graphing Advance on Casio Prizm
Published by KermMartian 11 years, 11 months ago (2012-06-25T14:39:49+00:00) | Discuss this article

Graphing calculator programmers have never been known to take things like "realism" and "limitations" too seriously, and on that mindset of being able to do anything, the hobbyist community has achieved much over the years. We have fast, fun arcade, puzzle, and 3D games on the TI-83+/84+ series, even more powerful software on the TI-89 series, and now colorful games on the Casio Prizm. I'd like to present two full-color 3D applications for the Casio Prizm today. The first, smaller update, is one from one of my own projects. As you can see in the left-hand screenshot below, Graph3DP is back under active development. Once I get better graph rotation working and find the source of three unfortunate gCAS2 bugs (with the help of skilled Cemetech coder AHelper, gCAS2's author), I will release Beta 2 of this project, a big step over the earlier Graph3DP Beta 1 release.

The second, arguably more popular feat (who doesn't love calculator games?) is a port of Doom to the Prizm by hacker MPoupe. He has written a preliminary, playable demo of Doom as a proof-of-concept. Even with the overclocking tools that Cemetech has pioneered, it's slow verging on unplayable, but just as amazing of a feat. The TI-Nspire, Texas Instruments' color graphing calculator, had previously been made to play Doom, and this milestone proves once again that the Prizm is just as polished and capable of a device. Hats off to MPoupe for his hard work and impressive achievement, and we will keep you updated about additional advances he may make on the project. In the meantime, enjoy footage of me playing Doom on my own Prizm below.

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