Cemetech Member Carves Intricate Wooden TI-83+
Published by KermMartian 11 years ago (2013-05-22T15:25:05+00:00) | Discuss this article

As summer begins and the spring semester ends, Cemetechians tend to be busier than ever with real life, leaving little leisure for hardware and software projects. Although we hope this will reverse once everyone finishes their end-of-semester work and starts thinking about fun summer projects, we have one particularly-impressive creation to share with you now. Cemetech member CalebHansberry has created a full-sized model of a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator out of oak, with keys made from fir, oak, alder, and other woods. You can explore Caleb's original topic for the full scoop, including three pictures of his impressive work. The only thing missing is a slide case, an undertaking that Caleb says would be particularly challenging. Please join us in congratulating Caleb on combining his skill at woodworking (remember the Doors CS 7 Christmas tree ornament?) with his passion for calculators, and in encouraging him to try to carve a case to fit working calculator innards for a future project.

Wooden TI-83 Plus graphing calculator