Presenting Celtic 2 CSE
Published by KermMartian 10 years, 8 months ago (2013-07-20T22:11:10+00:00) | Discuss this article

Since the color-screen TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition calculator was first discovered here at Cemetech eight and a half months ago, the programming community has had mixed reactions to the device. On the plus side, we're very happy that it represents an extension of the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus-series calculator line, and hope it indicates TI's commitment to continuing the series for many years to come. In addition, its math features represent a significant improvement over the black-and-white calculators, especially for graphing and statistics, as I mentioned in my review of the calculator TI kindly sent to me. The programming community's one gripe has been that the calculator's processor and memory are nearly identical to the internals of the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, save for doubled Flash ROM memory. Nevertheless, many of us are happy to face the programming challenges presented by the new device.

In that spirit, I'm proud to present the first hybrid TI-BASIC library for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, Celtic 2 CSE. Based on Iambian Zenith's unreleased Celtic 2 code, it offers a host of program- and file-manipulation functions to TI-BASIC programmers, plus a powerful sprite routine. At the behest of tifreak8x, I re-created and re-fixed it from Iambian's latest (non-lost) source code, then added my own tweaks and features. It features the ability to read lines from programs and AppVars in RAM or Flash (archive), the ability to insert, delete, or overwrite lines in a specified program, to create a specified program and to find out how many lines there are in a BASIC program, and to output special characters into a string that is not normally storable into a string via any other method (doublequote and sto). It also contains a powerful, BASIC-compatible palletized sprite routine.

I encourage all of our TI-84+CSE-owning TI-BASIC coders to give this a try, and show off what you can do with it. I expect that a future TI-84+CSE shell (like some version of Doors CS) will contain libraries similar to these, so it makes sense to get used to them now. I also want to mention the huge debt of gratitude I owe to TIFreak8x for extensive testing as well as the thorough C2TEST program included in this file.

Celtic 2 CSE