Introducing ticalc forums, powered by Cemetech
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Originally posted on by the and Cemetech staffs:


For much of our history, we have steadfastly stood by our original goal of creating the canonical repository for all applications and utilities for TI Graphing Calculators, and we're proud of our accomplishments. While calls of greater tools for collaboration have always been present, we have focused on mailing lists and presence in the IRC community as our primary means of encouraging users to work with each other. The internet is changing around us, and we need to adapt. That's why we're proud to be partnering with to create the ticalc forums, powered by Cemetech.

"Having Cemetech power our forums seemed like a much better idea than building our own system from the ground up. We can leverage their expertise in forum management, and they can benefit from our extensive file archive.," Magnus Hagander of said.

The transition will take place slowly, with some minor co-branding of our themes beginning immediately. After we migrate our existing user database into Cemetech's system, we'll move their forums to a new URL under the namespace. In the near term, the two entities will remain largely independent, with different management and administration united under a common goal.

Many of Cemetech's tools, such as jsTIfied, will be integrated with the ticalc file archives, allowing users to quickly preview applications prior to download. The Cemetech news system will be merged with that of ticalc, and the sites will present a single news source going forward. The cemetech archive will be migrated into ticalc.

All too often we see the well-meaning efforts of inexperienced administrators who are unable to preserve historical links and features," Hagander continued, "We will take our time, and we will do it right. When we have a release to show the community, it will be fully-functional and production ready." Christopher "Kerm" Mitchell, founder of Cemetech, was excited with the possibilities. "I've wanted to work with since I was in middle school. When they reached out to me about having Cemetech run their forums, we immediately agreed. On behalf of my entire staff, we can't wait to get started!"

On behalf of the entire staff, we look forward to seeing what new and exciting projects the community creates with these new consolidated tools. We'll keep you informed as this process moves forward during the coming weeks.

-- the and Cemetech staff