Projects of the Month: January 2016
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Hello Cemetechians! It's been quite the busy start to the new year, with a whole slew of new projects being posted about!

And with the start of this new year, we're going to start something new! Any completed project that happens in the month being posted about, will get put up for consideration towards the Project of the Year. Each project will be posted in a poll (which you see above) for you to choose which project is most deserving that month. The poll will be open for 7 days. After the December PotM news post is made, we will create a new poll between all the winners for you all to choose the ultimate project for that year!

And now, on to our list of projects that have been worked on this past month:
  • PHASM: Epharius spent some time last month giving this shell some upgrading, giving the user to edit any archived basic files. He lists a number of completed features, and some that are yet to be programmed in, so take a look at the topic to see what all there is to PHASM!
  • CMonster: Patrickdavidson has brought forth some bug fixes for CMonster, a breakout like game for the CE and CSE. This update provides a fix for allowing you to pause the game, and allows level 16 and beyond to actually load, which could be considered rather important.
  • TwoStep: Muessigb has released a level development kit and updated the game to fix some bugs this past month. Check out the topic for directions on how to create your own levels for this interesting looking puzzle game.
  • CE-Flow: jonbush has released some update screenshots for his TI-Flow CE version, along with a list of things to do and things that are currently implemented in his game.
  • Alien Breed 5: JamesV has been hard at work, getting Alien Breed to function on the CE. He has released a few videos and screenshots showing progress, and the latest is that of an amazing title screen.
  • Robot War 2: Where does one begin, with all the updates for this awesome project over the last month? Dianz tian has been quite busy adding things, and doing code rearranging for this project. Several screenshots have been posted, and a list of things done and to do were added.
  • TILP II: Lionel Debroux has pushed a new version up of TILP, throwing around some bug fixes and improved performance with the help of Benjamin Moody. Something you'll want to check out and possibly update to if you are an avid TILP user.
  • Eitrix: This is an old project, started by Compynerd back in 2011, and recently finished and posted for the world to see. The game is a new take on Tetris, giving 2 player ability through calcnet, and giving players power-ups. Check out the link in the topic to see the screenshots on ticalc and see what this is all about!
  • LDraw model viewer/renderer: Elfprince has switched some gears on this project, and has decided to take and redirect this to the CE calculators, as it has a more functional C language setup. After some trial and error, it seems he has managed to get things ported over and more or less bug free. Check out the thread for more information regarding this project.
  • CE 3D Renderer: Hactar has released a project he's been working on, which is a 3D renderer for the CE. Currently, it plots out the points on the screen but doesn't quite draw lines between them yet, and allows you to manipulate the points and move them around.
  • KnightOS: An update was released to KnightOS regarding communication and the adding of new syscalls. The thread contains a more in depth explanation of changes to the project.
  • Doors CE: KermMartian has been steadily making progress on his fantastic shell, Doors CE. Over the last month, he has gotten numerous functions implemented, like Home run, Celtic libraries, and bug fixing. Check out the thread here for the latest "to-do" list.
  • Graph3DC: Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already know about Kerm's work in providing an integrated 3D grapher for the CSE. After 2 years of slowly grinding at the project, he has released it in its finished form, and man does it look good. Definitely an application you need for your CSE if you are in the relevant math classes, or just want to input random equations to make pretty graphs.
  • CEmu on Nspire: Adriweb has taken the code from CEmu, and made it usable on the Nspire CX. Although a bit sluggish, this is definitely a cool project that could add additional functionality to the Nspire CX series, for those that have difficulty using that calculator. Check out the topic for a video and other cool things that's been done with CEmu (like adding it to the apple watch, of all things).
  • ConvPNG: ConvPNG is a product of Mateo's, to allow programmers to convert images to code for the CE in either assembly or C headers.
  • ConvHex: ConvHex is another project by Mateo to go along with the programming tool chain he's been developing. This computer program converts hex files over to .8xp files that are usable on the CE line of calculators.
  • CEmu: Mateo has been hard at work, making various improvements to CEmu over the last month. There were a lot, regarding file transfers, key layouts, and so much more, so pop into the thread and check out all that's been done on this exciting project!
  • LibLoad: This project is a dynamic library system to help reduce duplication of routines being used by programmers. To be honest, it's kind of over my head, but you should bounce over to the thread and read up on what Mateo discusses, and check out the really cool flow chart. Flow charts make everything more awesome.
  • CE C SDK and Libraries: Mateo has released a packaged system to allow users to more easily write C programs for your CE line of graphing calculators. This seems to be quite the popular step in our calculator community, with all the excitement and hype that has been going on about programming C on the CE calcs. Check out the topic for the links to the packages and updates that have been done since the release!
  • Whack-a-mole: This is more a hardware project to show off what can be done with adding additional hardware to our graphing calculators, and a bit of clever code to create some cool things. This uses ArTICL, software developed by KermMartian, and an MSP432. Check out the thread for links to the development logs, and a video showing the finished product.
  • ZPX-128 universal Z80 computer kit: Muessigb, c4ooo, and adekto are currently in the process of setting up a kit to build z80 based computer kits, as the title implies. There's a lot of feature ideas and discussion going on in the thread, so if this sort of thing interests you, you should check out the topic and join in on the discussion!

That's it for this month! As per usual, we look forward to what you wonderful people create in the future!