Cemetech User Promotions: New Moderators and more!
Published by Alex 8 years, 4 months ago (2016-02-12T20:25:05+00:00) | Discuss this article

In recognition of their current and future distinction as individuals showing leadership qualities -- and to continue our trend increasing activity and to spread the task of moderating the forum -- I've taken on the duty of promoting these few individuals to moderator. It's with great pleasure that I am promoting the following 3 members to moderator.
These members have shown wonderful initiative in helping the members of Cemetech and the community. Mateo has shown that he as mastery of the stuff he does and works with fellow community members to help them better not only themselves but the community. He'll be Moderator of "General Open Topic," "z80 and ex80 Assembly" and "General Programming." As a European member, PT_ is online when a lot of the US staff aren't, and has been directly responsible for alerting us to the bulk of our spam bot visitors. This isn't his only reason for his promotion: he has a remarkable grasp of TI-BASIC for the CSE and the CE. He will be moderating "General Open Topic," "Your Projects" and, "TI-BASIC." Jonbush has created some pretty amazing contests recently so he'll be replacing our Administrator Emeritus Rivereye as the moderator of the "Contests" sub-forum (and is our new Contest Coordinator). Additionally, pimathbraniac has agreed to start writing more articles for us and so he'll be given special privileges to post in the "Cemetech News and Announcements" subforum!

The Cemetech staff and myself congratulate the new moderators, News Editor, and Contest Coordinator; we look forward to their future contributions. We also are excited to promote more users in the future, so remember to both post your projects, and to help and guide your fellow Cemetech member towards being a better programmer and a better, more mature community member.