May 22 Server Events: Scavenger Hunt, Border Expansion
Published by KermMartian 8 years ago (2016-05-22T05:56:28+00:00) | Discuss this article

It has been nearly two months since our Minecraft 1.9 server's official Easter launch, and since then, the playerbase and builds have been growing at a rapid clip. We have weekly Abba matches, two towns have been founded (Arcadia and Monument), millions of blocks have been broken, and settlements have sprung up throughout the map. In fact, although we have by far not yet filled the existing world, players have long since been clamoring for world border expansion. They want new biomes to explore, new caves to spelunk, and ocean monuments and witch huts to build no-doubt server-laggingly-huge machines around. In the interest of keeping the server exciting, we're happy to oblige. At 1pm ET today, May 22nd, we'll be expanding the world border by 500 blocks in each direction, making the overworld map 3500x3500 meters (for the math-inclined, doubling the surface area and volume of our world. With this expansion, it's unlikely that we'll expand much further for the remainder of this map's life, which we estimate at another six to twelve months at least, to encourage people to build elaborate builds and not worry about losing their work. Come explore, enjoy, and scout out where you might want to visit next on our online DynMap map.

To help spur activity and make people aware of the expansion, we're holding the Cemetech Minecraft 1.9 server's first scavenger hunt starting at 2pm ET today, May 22nd. The product of a substantial number of hours of work by the administrators, this scavenger hunt is intended to continue Cemetech's fine tradition of intellectual challenge and exciting Minecraft adventuring. Make no mistake: the clues will be clever and multi-layered, the map will be traversed, and the perils along the way will be great. We encourage teaming up with other players to work together, although you're more than welcome to play alone as well. The hunt is meant to be sufficiently challenging that even if you won't be able to make it to the server until later in the afternoon, the hunt is unlikely to be completed. There are multiple ways to get to the end, and plenty of loot to find along the way, so hop in whenever you can and get a piece for yourself. The first hint will be posted in this topic at 2pm. We look forward to seeing you there!