New Reuben Quest Game Released
Published by PT_ 7 years, 5 months ago (2017-01-06T20:37:45+00:00) | Discuss this article

In what may be the oldest TI-Calc game series, Sorunome has released the latest installment to Reuben Quest for the monochrome calcs: Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times. The roots of the Reuben Quest series came from DJ Omnimaga who made Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening1 back in 2004 in pure BASIC, with the help of ASM libraries, which was also the second grayscale game for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus series (after tr1p1ea's Desolate) and the first grayscale JRPG for that calculator family.

In January 2005, DJ Omnimaga released a new Reuben Quest game, Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror. This game added a lot of of puzzle-solving elements and much more, compared to Ev Awakening. We now finally have the latest installment, Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times. The game is "an epic RPG fantasy which includes tons of puzzles, side-quests, hidden things and much more!". The game is made in pure ASM, and has great greyscale which leads to gorgeous graphics, animations, fights, maps and much more. You should definitely give it a try, and challenge yourself to discover what - and where! - all the "hidden things" are!

Download Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times

*1 Linked file is a remake by Sorunome