Cemetech Projects of the Year 2017 Results
Published by Michael2_3B 6 years, 1 month ago (2018-05-15T19:53:48+00:00) | Discuss this article

The poll for the Projects of the Year 2017 has finished, and it is time to finally share the results! Before we start, we would like to thank all of the users here on Cemetech for taking part in these projects and all of the polls. Even if you haven't worked on a project lately, we still would like to thank you all for being such supportive members in this community.

The competition was quite neck-to-neck this year, with a grand total of 34 votes coming in, for a poll including 13 different projects. Here are the results:

6th Place goes to 3 different projects:
  • First of all, there is the Kerbal Space Program USB Control Panel created by Botboy3000. With this homemade control panel, you can play KSP using all of the cool old-fashioned buttons. If you are interested in KSP or hardware projects like this, definitely check out this control panel!
  • There is also Fishy and Scogger, created by Iambian, which are versions of his previous games ported to the TI-84+ CE! Fishy CE is about eating other fish in a pond and becoming as big as you can, and Scogger CE is about hopping over lily pads strategically until you've hopped over each one. Definitely check these out!
  • Created by TheLastMillennial, Text to Morse Code is a fun project that flashes the CE's screen based on the dots and dashes you enter. It's a cool idea so go check it out!
5th Place was taken by a single project, Asteroids CE v1.8, created by LAX18. This is shoot em up style game where you must either shoot the asteroids or avoid them, and last as long as possible! There is both an ICE version and a TI-Basic version.

4th Place was shared by 2 projects:
  • Shades CE, created by Cemetech member Michael2_3B, is a zen style game with a goal of combining tiles in a Tetris/2048 fashion to get points, and avoiding stacking up too high. The author has released version 1.2 which improves the game even more!
  • OldNewTimer also won 4th place, with his creation of Sound on the TI-84 Plus CE! This was a very surprising and eye-catching project, which uses some snap circuits and a photo resistor attached to the calculator to create a variety of sounds.
3rd Place, which is by far the most competed for ranking, is given to 5 different projects:
  • Sorcery of Uvutu, by 123outerme, has been being worked on for years and has taken a considerable amount of effort. This RPG for the TI-84+ CSE really does deserve this ranking, and be sure to check out all the screenshots and other information in the thread!
  • KingInfinity also won 3rd place, with his port of the game 1010! from the iPhone to the CE! This arcade game is similar to Tetris, but with slightly different game mechanics. The calculator version has beautiful graphics and is loaded with awesome features! You don't want to miss this!
  • Aspirin CE, by Unicorn, is a fast-paced reaction game that is based on the original game, Aspirin. There are multiple difficulties and features to enjoy in this game!
  • From one of our newer Cemetech users, squishy won 3rd place with his Symbolic Derivative Solver for TI-84+ CE! We are very proud to see a new user get this ranking. As the title suggests, squishy's project is a very easy to use math program capable of quickly solving derivatives. Be sure to show them some support!
  • For the final 3rd place ranking, TheLastMillennial has created JPL: A game for Color and Monochrome calcs! In this game you must build your own craft, then fly it through checkpoints. Check out the game for more instructions and some fancy screenshots.
2nd Place, a very honorable rank, goes to CalcMeister's ICE On-Calc Sprite Editor! With the rise of the ICE programming language, especially after it won Project of the Year 2016, and gained popularity throughout the calculator community, a sprite editor was the obvious idea next step for CalcMeister to develop. As the title suggests, this program lets you create sprites for use with the ICE compiler, all without leaving your calculator! If you are an avid calculator programmer, or you simply enjoy creating sprite art, you definitely don't want to miss this project. Definitely check it out, as there are downloads and screenshots linked!

**drumroll please**
1st Place, our absolute winner for the Project of the Year 2017, taking up nearly 30% of all of the votes and shooting far above any of the other projects this year, goes to Rico!!! This member ported the popular classic arcade game, Donkey Kong! As you can see, this project looks like a perfect clone of the original game and we are overjoyed to see such a classic game look so shiny on the CE! Harnessing the power of C and the C toolchain and libraries, this project definitely deserves the ranking it got. The screenshots look incredible so don't wait another second to give it your best shot!

Congratulations to everyone who competed this year! The following prize recognition badges have been applied to all the first-, second- and third-place winners.