Summer 2018: Projects & Goals
Published by Alex 5 years, 10 months ago (2018-07-03T02:53:37+00:00) | Discuss this article

It's Summer which means we've got roughly two months before classes start up again and half way through the year. Do you guys have any trips planned? Visiting colleges? Taking this time to learn something new or get caught up on a project? Don't forget to share any projects in the "Your Projects" sub-forum.

  • ckosmic has started teaching himself Unity by porting his CHIP-84 project, which is an interpreter/emulator for the CHIP-8 & SuperChip-8. He's textured everything that's not included in Unity himself, such as the TV.

  • Pieman7373 is working on a way to control an Atari 2600 using a TI-84+CE for this years Maker Faire in New York, which will be Cemetech' 7th year having a booth at this world wide event.

  • Admittedly, we're really looking forward to theprogrammingcube's progress on his Arduino Controlled/Stabilized Rockets. He first shared this project with us in April with a few videos. He's utilizing 3D printers to create components for testing. He's then stuffing servos, wires, sensors, and an Arduino into these prototypes. Hopefully one of these Arduino rockets will fly soon.

  • On the other hand, new Cemetech member Decepticon7 would like to know how to create 3D worlds on a TI-89. His topic hasn't gotten any replies yet, but if you feel like you know of any good resources, ideas, or examples please share them in his topic.

  • c4ooo would like to know if it's possible for a TI-84+CE to talk to an Arduino over USB. If you have any pointers or resources to share, that'd be helpful for the project he's working on, looking forward to seeing more details of this project soon! ;)

We hope you guys are having, and continue to have, a fantastic summer. Feel free to share any candid photos you guys take on trips and adventures ;D