Projects of the Month: July 2018
Published by iPhoenix 5 years, 10 months ago (2018-08-12T20:28:20+00:00) | Discuss this article

This month featured a ton of amazing projects from lots of amazing creators. There were also several releases that have been years in the making! Here are your projects of the month for July 2018:

  • Agenda CE [ICE]: Starting off our (alphabetical) list, we have Agenda CE, from SM84CE. Agenda CE is a program to help organize your classes. He doesn't seem to have much code done yet, but if he finishes the program it will be a great tool for students. Go show SM84CE some love and support!
  • Attack of the Snails: _iPhoenix_'s project "Attack of the Snails!!!" is a port of an unreleased TI-BASIC game into Assembly! It is his first actual Assembly game, and it features fun sprites and an epic font. It looks cool, so go check it out!
  • BasicNote CE Progress Thread: This month, Cemetech user Michael2_3B made a lot of progress on his "fully functioning text editor for the TI-84+CE"! The features include line wrapping, copying and pasting, autosaving, and much more. After much anticipation, we finally received a release! More information and the much-awaited download can be found in the thread.
  • Chip-84 Ports: As seen in the title, Chip-84 Ports is a series of Chip-8 ports created by ckosmic! This month, he ported it over to several new platforms. It looks fun, so go check the thread out!
  • Fsh Shell: pixiys has been trying to complete his shell for the TI-84+CE, written in ez80 Assembly. It already has loads of amazing features, with much more coming soon! You can find more information in the thread.
  • Gateway to Legend: 123outerme's project "Gateway to Legend" received several improvements this month. He added all kinds of fun abilities, fixed some bugs, added some menus, and more! Go check the thread out!
  • KhiCAS, a full-featured CAS for Casio CG50/Graph 90+e: Cemetech newcomer parisse kicked things off well by unveiling a very intriguing CAS for the Casio CG50 and Graph 90+e models. It has more features than I can expound on here, so go check out the thread!
  • MD5 in TI-BASIC!: As seen in the title, MD5 in TI-BASIC! is a implementation of the cryptographic hashing function MD5 in TI-BASIC created by SopaXorzTaker! For a simple TI-BASIC program it is very impressive. We would love to see more of this project!
  • NOS - An alternative shell: LAX18 has been trying to complete his shell for the TI-84+CE. He got a truckload of things done this month, even if he still has a massive to-do list. It looks like LAX18 is making lots of progress!
  • Pi Practice Program: From Legoman314, Pi Practice Program is a program to help you memorize digits of Pi. He's completed a lot so far, but there's still quite a bit left! It looks sweet, so go check the thread out!
  • SnailFont: _iPhoenix_'s font "SnailFont" is a self-described "perfectly imperfect font face". He took the partial font he is using in his other project, Attack of the Snails, and turned it into a complete font that can be used practically anywhere! You can find more information, a demo, and a download in the thread!
  • TI Monopoly: Kydapoot made a lot of progress on his project this month! He fixed some bugs, created others, and is working on adding quite a few features. You can find more information in the thread.
  • TI-Boy CE Progress Thread: calc84maniac's project "TI-Boy CE Progress Thread" received numerous improvements this month. He fixed several major bugs in this update. It looks like calc84maniac is making lots of progress!
  • TiQR-B, a QR Code encoder written in pure TI-BASIC!: As the title suggests, SopaXorzTaker created an intriguing QR code encoder in TI-BASIC! Simply input some data, wait a little bit, and you have a functioning QR code that can be scanned by practically every device with a camera. Go check the thread out!
  • TPT3D - a 3D falling sand game in JavaScript!: SopaXorzTaker has created an awesome game similar to The Powder Toy, but in 3D! It's very cool, and uses a fully custom 3D rendering engine to do all of the math. Go show SopaXorzTaker some love and support!
  • TwoStep - The challenging, multiplatform puzzle game!: Muessigb's project TwoStep is a challenging and addictive puzzle game written in Axe! After several years of waiting, he finally released it! More information can be found in the thread.
  • Village: _iPhoenix_ has been working hard adding improvements to Village, an esolang that feels like a game. He added quite a few features this month, way too many to list here! We cannot wait for new updates!

After you've checked out the appropriate topics, please vote in the poll above for your favorite project within the next ten days! There were so many impressive releases this month from quite a few authors!