TI-Trek Icon Making Contest
Published by KermMartian 4 years, 7 months ago (2019-11-11T14:07:38+00:00) | Discuss this article

As many of you may know, in recent times I have been taking steps to remove direct Star Trek likenesses from this project. The badge logo has been replaced, and we will be changing some of the Trek-specific system names to things more generic. This is not at the behest of anyone, we're doing it to avoid any potential copyright issues down the road.

To this end, we need to replace the Enterprise icon in the screenshot above. The shield bit will be replaced with a gfx_Circle() so you need not worry about the blue outline. As many members of TI-Trek's team have already contributed graphics, I decided to open the floor to the whims of those users who may be interested in the project and contributing in some way.


Design TWO (2) 32x32 icons of an original ship that you would like to see included in this game. The first icon should be a top-down view and the second should be a side-view. The icons may use any color within the XLIBC palette EXCEPT black, which is used as the transparent index (this means make any transparent areas of the icon black).

Submission Guidelines
  1. You may submit a design by posting a link to your submission in the attached forum topic, or emailing me at the address you can find there.
  2. Your submission must include the following, compressed into an archive:
    • Two 32x32 sprites, one a top-down view and the other a side-view
    • A text file, wherein which some form of identification (either forum name or actual name), is included
  3. The contest will close on the November 30th, 2019.
  1. The entries will be reviewed by TI-Trek's graphics team, who will act as the contest judges.
  2. Submissions will be judged based on: the originality of the design and how aesthetically-pleasing the design is.
  3. The top 3 submissions will win.
  1. A plaque recognizing your contribution to the project
  2. An in-game contributor badge (when I get that functionality working)
  3. Inclusion of your icon in the default project assets.
  4. Your sprite and (user)name in the game's in-game and written credits.

Editor's Note: Although this is not an official Cemetech contest (this project is under the sole auspices of ACagliano), we like to encourage collaboration and creativity in the community, so go to it, and have fun!