Cemetech Contest 22 Voting
Published by iPhoenix 5 years, 1 month ago (2019-05-09T21:22:49+00:00) | Discuss this article

Now that CC22 is finally over, it is time to vote! To everyone who participated in this contest, thank you. This poll will be open until May 19th. Please do not vote solely based on looks- try the programs before you vote! It is recommended (but not required) that you make a post evaluating the projects and explaining your vote.

Here's the lineup:

Skills Parkour by slimeenergy (thread)

Skills Parkour is a colorful yet simplistic platformer written by slimeenergy. You customize your character's skills, and try to beat the included courses! Be sure to check out the thread for more information.

Space Adventure 85 by RogerWilco (thread)

RogerWilco's text-based RPG for the TI-85 has you customize a character and fight your way through an abandoned space station. Eeriely written, this fully-customizable game comes packed with engaging gameplay and a great story! Check it out!

Rainbow Shooter by TheMustardCat (thread)

Rainbow Shooter is a two-dimensional shooter made by TheMustardCat. It features shooting, random terrain generation, and fully-featured character editor. Customize your character to fit your play style, and kill all the enemies! Take a look at the thread and the readme for more information.

Dungeon by Pieman7373 (thread)

Authored by Pieman7373, Dungeon is a top-down RPG featuring a shop, multiple interchangeable sets of armor, enemies, breakable crates, and more. It is incredibly speedy and has a nice UI. Take a look for yourself!

Splat by LogicalJoe (thread)

Splat, LogicalJoe's entry, is a game that has you move a customizable circle around the screen. You must avoid paintballs of a selectable color while collecting those of another color. It has some sweet animations and a very cool splash screen, check it out!

Arena84 by Jeffitus (thread)

Arena84 is a game for the 84+ and 83+ series of calculators, authored by Jeffitus. In this game, enemies attack you from both sides, and you have to defend yourself using your trusty sword! It lets you buff your own stats, at the cost of improving the stats of enemies. Take a look at the readme and thread for more info.

DR0VE by epsilon5 (thread)

Cemetech newcomer epsilon5's entry DR0VE is a cool car racing game. You can "tune-up" your car to improve your performance in the game after each course. It comes fully packaged with sweet graphics and awesome gameplay- the thread has more information!

Sketch Maze by BasicTH (thread)

BasicTH's complicated but intuitive puzzle game Sketch Maze features clever gameplay and equally clever graphics. It has a very nice help section to explain the game, and even comes with a level editor. It's worth checking out, look at the readme and the thread.

Reverse Tower Defense by commandblockguy (thread)

Reverse Tower Defense is a variant on the classic tower defense game category by commandblockguy! Instead of placing towers around a predefined path, you place the path around predefined towers. It features sweet menus, upgradable towers, technically impressive but engaging gameplay, and some fantastic sprites. Look at the thread for more info!

JPL v1.273 by TheLastMillennial (thread)

TheLastMillenial wrote a improved variant of his CC20 Space entry in ICE! It sports fancy graphics, a cool-looking UI, and some very cool gameplay mechanics. Check out the readme for more information.

That's all folks- I'm happy to see such a large turnout for this contest. Be sure to vote in the poll before May 19th, when the poll will close. Good luck to all contestants!