Projects of the Month: January 2019
Published by PT_ 5 years ago (2019-05-25T20:47:15+00:00) | Discuss this article

With a new year came many new and updated Cemetech projects! There were quite a few great projects worked on in January, so be sure to give feedback to the authors of these great projects.

  • Aether, a "bullet hell" JS shoot-and-run: _iPhoenix_ started working on this new shoot-em-up game, written in JavaScript. This game is optimized very well for speed, and there are even plans to add a custom boss creator, so go check out the demo and the YouTube video linked in the post!
  • Annoucing zkeme80, a next-gen Forth-based OS for the TI-84+: siraben has started writing a new OS for the TI-84+ series of calculators, based on the programming language Forth. This OS looks very clean, go check out the screenshots and the Github repo linked in the topic!
  • Boxman TTL: Botboy3000 has continued to work on his hardware based version of Boxman. He's been working on soldering, working on fixing problems, and more! See the thread for a neat video and images of what he is working on.
  • Candy Crush CE: Our very own admin, PT_, has started a project in C for the CE based on the immensely popular mobile game Candy Crush. It currently supports creating a random board and swapping candies, and the game runs quite quickly. He has said that he promises to finish this project, so go give some support and check out the animated screenshot in the thread!
  • HD picture viewer [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial put some more work into his CE image viewer, which is turning out to look pretty nice! This month he got single images working, and started squashing some bugs. He said that a v1 could be released soon, so head over to the thread and check it out!
  • Nuclear Reactor Simulator [84+CE BASIC]: SM84CE finished the first version of his nuclear reactor simulator, written in pure TI-Basic! This is a very feature-rich program (check out a list of features in the thread) and you can currently download the latest version in the Cemetech archives. Check out the thread and screenshots for more details.
  • RPG For the Ti-83+: Sirryan has started working on a large scale RPG for the TI-83+ series of calculators! From the list in the topic it seems like a very ambitious project, so show him some support in this project.
  • Set CE: This month, BasicTH started and finished a port of the card game Set for the CE. This is a very complete program, including three game modes and excellent graphics, so go and download it from the archives and post about it in the thread!
  • Skyrim CE Progress Update: kg583 posted this update to his massive project Skyrim CE, written in TI-Basic. The post explains some changes in the game engine and other aspects of the game, go check out the thread and show him some support for this large undertaking!
  • Teaser!: Botboy3000 posted a mysterious image related to an upcoming project of his. It seems like it could be some sort of Boxman-related puzzle game? Regardless, he has not said much about this project, and it looks like it could be very cool!
  • TI Number Theory repository: kg583 released this group of TI-Basic programs to assist in number analysis! These programs should work on any 83+/84+ calculator, even older monochromes, and they could be very useful to TI-Basic programmers, so be sure to check out the release on the Github repo.
  • Warper - Sci-Fi Beat-em-Up: 123outerme continued working on this Sci-Fi platformer, this month adding collision, gravity, and better graphics. Be sure to check out the videos and read more detailed information in the thread!
  • Z80 Float: Xeda112358 started working on a z80 assembly library for single precision floats. These routines are faster than the TI-OS routines, and there is even a potential for an ez80 version! See the topic for more information and screenshots.

That's it for January 2019, and don't forget to vote for your favorite completed project of this month to compete in the Projects of the Year!

Credits to Jeffitus for writing this post!