Cemetech Episode VII: a new backend
Published by Tari 4 years, 9 months ago (2019-08-17T10:47:58+00:00) | Discuss this article

It is a period of upheaval.
Pythonic programs, striking
from the overflowed stack have won
their first victory against
the incumbent PHP Interpreter.

Careful/longtime observers among readers might recall how sometimes we (the site admins) agree that some behavior of the site is weird but would be difficult to fix. Well, the time for improving that situation is now! partially here, but a long process to come.

What is new, is that today I believe reimplementations of core parts of the site are sufficiently functional and integrated to allow us to being switching parts of the site over to a new backend as they become ready.

What you can do

As of right now, you can opt-in to using the new backend where available by going to cemetech.net/7.

If you opt in, carry on using the site normally and report problems to admins as usual (by posting in the website bug reports subforum). After a time of running opt-in to try to shake out any bugs I've missed, I will flip the switch to make this the default configuration. Then we can do more concerted work to replace other parts.

If things get particularly broken after you do this, try clearing the cookies for Cemetech in your browser which will revert any opt-in.