Projects of the Month: October 2022
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Hello, and welcome back to Projects of the Month! This time, we’re tackling October 2022.

  • AnotherWorldCE: Port of the classic 16-bit game to TI84+CE: Zaalane has added save states to this very impressive port of Another World (originally for MS-DOS). The largest new feature for October was savestates. Check out the forum and Zaalane's Github page for more updates on the project.
  • C648x: A Commodore 64 Emulator for the TI-84 CE: ordelore announced a Commodore 64 emulator for the CE this month. Although graphics and keyboard input have not yet been implemented, it is able to finish the startup sequence and print some neat debug output. Go to the thread and give ordelore some support, or check out the project's Github for all the latest updates!
  • C8SALT: A CHIP-8 emulator in TI-BASIC for the 83+/84+: This month, Oxiti8 made a few small changes to C8SALT, as well as releasing v1.1 of the program to the archives. These changes include bug fixes and an updated logo. Go give Oxiti8 some support on this awesome pure TI-Basic emulator.
  • CEaShell: A Shell for the TI-84+ CE: TIny_Hacker and RoccoLox Programs continued their partnership this month with some more updates on CEaShell, a very slick-looking shell for the CE that focuses on ease of use and usefulness. There were a lot of new features added in October, among them the ability to edit (archived) programs, many hooks, and customizable color themes. As someone from the future, the shell has received significant support and updates since October 2022 as well, so go check out the thread and give RoccoLox Programs and TIny_Hacker some support!
  • CETris, another Tetris game for the TI84CE: Minxrod continued progress on the long-running CEtris project this month with the addition of ghost pieces (which preview where a shape will land), graphics improvements, and other general changes and optimizations. This was the first update in several years, so have a look at the thread and the Github to give Minxrod some kudos and feedback!
  • Convpng Rewrite: MateoConLechuga considered how to include 16bpp support and generally how to handle output formats which don't include a palette this month. This could be a useful addition to convimg at some point, so give MateoConLechuga some input on how to handle this problem if you have experience with the program.
  • CryptX - Cryptography Bundle for the CE: HASHLIB received a large restructuring this month, with ACagliano splitting it into a collection of cryptographic libraries. Additionally, the project now has its own documentation page. Take a look at the thread and give ACagliano some kudos!
  • ESCAPE to the OS [GAME]: ProgrammerBobSmith's debut game, ESCAPE to the OS, was released this month. It's a simple concept--there is a random key that must be pressed to return to the OS. It's available in the archives, and also has its own Github relase, if you prefer.
  • HD Picture Viewer [C] [TI-84 Plus CE]: HD Picture Viewer for the CE received its first major update in three years in October. TheLastMillennial had to do quite a lot of work to get it to this point--the program received a full C rewrite, better image panning, and even a graphical image conversion program for your computer. Check out the Github for a new pre-release build, and give TheLastMillenial some much-deserved support in the thread.
  • I'm making a collection of formula solvers: sirdudeman released several versions of a suite of equation solvers this month, with community members being given the opportunity to suggest new ones. Give sirdudeman some suggestions in the thread and download the latest release from the archives today!
  • macOS MonTIrey Library (Iron XCoder): ProgrammerBobSmith released version 15.1 of Iron XCoder this month, which includes new routines to display C and ASM program icons and descriptions, solve right triangles, and general optimizations and improvements. Read through the thread and give ProgrammerBobSmith some encouragement!
  • MyCalcs, a website for your graphing calculators collection!: Adriweb made a ton of improvements to the MyCalcs site in October. These include adding many phhotos of calculators, improved search functions, and better signup options. If you haven't joined MyCalcs already, you should do so here--it's a great community resource to build our collective knowledge of calculators and to show off your collection!
  • Powers' Game: A little game about perfect squares and cubes!: Powers' Game is a simple game by sirdudeman where the player is responsible for guessing the perfect squares and/or cubes of numbers in order. It's a good one to brush up on your mental math abilities--give it a download if you haven't already.
  • Slope Finder app release: mariodemo released a simple program this month that allows the user to find the slope between two points. This could be useful for geometry classes. Check out the Github and program thread for more information.
  • Sonic 2 CE: A port of 8-bit Sonic 2 for the TI-84+ CE (WIP): grubbycoder continued work on the impressive Sonic 2 CE project--which promises a full port of Sonic 2 for the SMS to the CE calculators. This month, grubbycoder discussed some future plans for the project, among them how to handle resolution and how to resolve some palette issues. Give grubbycoder some encouragement in the thread!
  • Super Smash Bros. CE: theflamingninja21 added platforms, stocks, and a countdown to this Super Smash Bros. remake for the CE in October. Additionally, performance saw some large improvements. There's a beta release available on Github. Give it a try.
  • The TI Calculator history app!: mariodemo worked on a second project in October, which shows all of the TI calculators released from 1967-2022. It sounds like a neat representation of the lineage of these calculators--read through the thread and give mariodemo some support!
  • TI 84 Plus CE EDA files: ProteinFromTheSea announced a neat new project--documenting the CE's board layout and materials. A full schematic of the board is planned, as well as (possibly) some 3D models of the CE hardware and hardware mods. ProteinFromTheSea even managed to take some preliminary photos of the board--check out the thread and show your support.
  • TI-Boy CE Progress Thread: calc84maniac made some great strides in Game Boy Color support for TI-Boy CE this month. This involves a lot of work, as can be expected--the thread and screenshot below will explain it better than I can. Go give calc84maniac some appreciation for this project and check out the newest updates, especially if you haven't kept tabs on it for a while.
  • TI-Python Plus: commandblockguy created a Github repository for TI-Python Plus this month. This is a project that enhances the Python programming experience on models that support it, which includes calling the LibLoad library functions that you're likely used to using it you have any experience programming on the CE calculators. It's a cool project with a lot of potential--go read through the thread for more details.
  • TIcoon: DragonScholar71 announced a new project, TIcoon, this month. Details are fairly sparse at press time, but it appears to be a game where you'll try to become a successful businessman in a competitive and treacherous world.
  • VYSION 2 CE: the ultimate CE shell: epsilon5 refused for yet another month to share any information on his VYSION 2 shell with the community, but did hint at potentially mocking up some new logos using some stylization suggestions. Go to the thread and try to convince epsilon5 to keep people up to date on the project!
  • [C] CEdit editor for the TI 84 plus CE: Michael0x18 made some major changes to the CEdit backend in October. These included scrapping the rendering and storage backends and adding some layers of abstraction to the text buffer that make it easier to work with. This is a very powerful and polished text editor for the CE--give Michael0x18 some suggestions and support in the thread!

That's all for October 2022. As you all should be aware of by now, these PotM posts are being delivered rapid-fire over the coming days. Check back tomorrow for a new poll. Until then, a belated merry Christmas!