Projects of the Month: June 2024
Published by merthsoft 4 days, 8 hours ago (2024-07-09T21:22:57+00:00) | Discuss this article

Hello and welcome to Cemetech's Program of the Month for June 2024! We've got a ton of cool projects for you as summer heats up, so grab a cool drink and your favorite calculator and let's go!

  • C648x: A Commodore 64 Emulator for the TI-84 CE: ordelore
    Ordelore addressed a bug wherein you couldn't type $. Love to see an older program get some love!
  • CALCCIV - Port of Civilization for the TI-84+ CE: BattyBest
    BattyBest returns, making progress on CALCIV, a TI-BASIC port of Civilization. Alpha 0.2 was released on GitHub featuring several new features, such as debug mode, cities, units, a new quickgen map generation method, and more! Check out the thread for downloads and details, and maybe July will even feature an update, who knows!
  • Celtic CE Catalog: Voodoo1455
    Voodoo1455 announed their Celtic CE Catalog project. This will function as an on-calculator catalog of Celtic CE commands. I know I always hated having to look up commands back in my hybrid BASIC days, so this sounds like a very useful project!
  • graphy (Column-Major graphx): ZERICO2005
    ZERICO2005 presents graphy, a column-major version of graphx. If you don't know what that means, that means you're cool like me, because I had to ask. You'll have to check the topic for the details, but I'm looking forward to an optimized version! Here's a screenshot demonstrating that tearing is GONE in this mode!
  • I made a Solar Module for the TI-84 Plus: TheLastMillennial
    TheLastMillennial built a solar panel onto their calculator, and I like how it looks like it belongs with the calcualtor. Well done! Check out the topic for schematics and some technical talk.
  • LINEDIT - Vector Image Manipulation Program for the TI 84+ CE: BattyBest
    BattyBest releases a tool they made during CalcCiv development, LINEDIT. This program can be used to draw images and output them in a format that a BASIC program can render as lines. It's cool to see behind the scenes into the dev tools people make for their projects.
  • lwIP Library with ECM/NCM Drivers for the TI-84+ CE: ACagliano
    ACagliano updated the documentation for how to use their lwIP library. Also, a bug has been identified, and ACagliano has asked for help reproducing it. So, if you have an NCM (gigabit ethernet) adapter, you should lend a hand!
  • mini-utils: A minimal set of minimal x86_64 Linux utilities: clevor
    mini-utils is now in a complete state! Final version has reduced program sizes and true false on New Year's day. And a Nix flake. Congrats on completing this project!
  • Pac-Man Museum CE: grubbycoder
    grubbycoder releases Beta 0.1 of Pac-Man Musuem CE! And then version 0.3 with Ms. Pac-Man for the master system AND Pac-Man for the MSX! Download link the topic!
  • PortCE (Compile ti84ce games for Windows/Linux): ZERICO2005
    ZERICO2005 has started working on a tool to port CE games to Windows and Linux. It works on Oiram, and they even added sound and music. There's things to work out, but a very useful tool!
  • Quantum Chess and Many-Worlds Solitaire: Sam
    Sam combines chess and superpositions to implement chess with superpositions. Further, they want to be able to play it single player, against a computer that makes every possible move. If you're into chess-based deterministic solitaire, check it out!
  • TI-Wars: linkjt9
    linkjt9 decided to add side quests and skins to TI-Wars, and dropped some screenshots of progress made on the intro and tutorial.
  • W0RDLE - PvP game in TI-Basic: Cars and Ice Cream
    Cars and Ice Cream tracks down some memory leaks in their Wordle game. Check out the topic for a good explanation from commandblockguy on what they are!
  • You Want to Watch the World Burn coming to Steam! (Formerly Fire and Flames): VitalAsh
    VitalAsh is working on porting You Want to Watch the World Burn (FKA Fire and Flames as a calculator game) to PC and has put it on Steam to wishlist. An ambitious port, and fun to see a calculator game make its way onto Steam!

And now, we turn it over the Kerm, for the Merthsoft Fun Time Hour!

  • [84+CE] Dino Puzzle: merthsoft has been porting this popular TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition port of one of the classic Detached Solutions PuzzPack games. His progress thread documents improved features he has been adding, like different sprite themes, a high score system, and a new-and-improved menu. Also, a novel new feature where the icon displayed by shells changes depending on the theme! He last worked on this in 2022, so it's great to see it in progress once more!
  • [84+CE] Game of Life: merthsoft picked up this 2016 TI-84 Plus CE project eight years later. Merthsoft has worked on a variety of cellular automata projects over the years, including 13 years ago for the Casio Prizm. His latest updates fix up some memory leaks, improve performance, improve controls, and improve how custom color schemes are handled. You can grab the current download and take a look at the source on Github, linked in the topic.
  • [84+CE] Minesweeper: Borrowing from his own work, merthsoft also picked this 8-year-old project up again, giving it some graphical polish from other games, debouncing input, adding board saving and loading, and adding a game timer. The most recent work is a high score table--looking forward to the implemented version! The download and source are also in the topic for this one.
  • [84+CE] Spirographic Generative Art: If like me, you played with plastic spirograph gears and colored pens as a child, merthsoft's newest project should be instantly intuitive. Add palette-shifting tricks and a dash of turtle graphics, and you get a beautiful spirograph program that must be seen to be appreciated.

No poll this month: clevor's mini-utils advances to PotY for June. See you next month!