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More Information AxeDCS Token XML file [TokenIDE] [[10/10]]
The axiom, AxeDCS, allows one to use assembly references directly from DoorsCS in your Axe programs. You will need DoorsCS 7.1.1 at least to compile and run the program, and Axe 1.2.0 at least to compile. This xml file is a token file for TokenIDE, allowing you to write axe programs with the DCS axiom and correct syntax.
More Information 83+ Help [[10/10]]
This is a collection of help files from ASMStudio8x. It may not work with WinZIP because I used 7zip to zip it.
More Information production_clickpad_information.tar.gz Production Clickpad Nspire information [[10/10]]
Pieces of information on the topic of sending commands to the NOR Flash chip of production Nspire Clickpad calculators
More Information Redcode Notepad++ Language Support [[Screenshots]]
Up to date Notepad++ support for the latest standard of Redcode for Core Wars. Supports all ICWB \'88 and \'94 standard opcodes, extensions, modifications, and memory modes, along with pMARS 0.8 private space instructions. Also supports assert, for/rof, pin, org, end, comments, special comments, equ, and defines such as CORESIZE, PSPACESIZE, MAXCYCLES, MAXPROCESSES, WARRIORS, MAXLENGTH, CURLINE, MINDISTANCE, and VERSION. Perfect to use for longer Redcode warriors.
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