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|                                                 |
|                 Document DE 7                   |
|                By Kerm Martian                  |
|                |
|                                                 |

Table of Contents
1. Requirements and Installation
2. Using Document DE 7
3. More Information

. ..--==== 1. Requirements and Installation ====--.. .
  To install and use Document DE 7, you must have a TI-83+/SE/84+/SE
graphing calculator with Doors CS 6.8.7 beta or later loaded on it.
You can get Doors CS from:


To install Document DE 7, simply send DOCDE7.8xp to your calculator
using TI-Connect, TiLP, or your favorite linking software.  You can
run Document DE 7 at any time by left-clicking the DOCDE7 icon on your
Doors CS desktop or running it from the TI-OS homescreen, if the
Parser Hook in DCS is enabled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do _NOT_ use this version with Doors CS 6.8 beta or
earlier, including DCS 6.2 or 6.1 or 6.0.  It will probably (almost
definitely) CRASH.

. ..--==== 2. Using Document DE 7 ====--.. .
  Once you have launched Document DE 7, usage is quite simple.  Left-click
on the new file or open file icons to make a new file or open an existing
file respectively.  Left-click using [2nd] or [TRACE] on the text area to
begin editing; [2nd] or [TRACE] will also take you out of editing back to
the mouse.  To save a file, click the floppy disk icon and type a name in
the box at upper-right.  Names are limited to 8 characters.  Click the [?]
icon to view the About file for the program.  The [X] will exit from the
About screen and the program itself.  At the desktop, you can click any
file with the Document DE 7 file icon to open it with Document DE 7.  You
can insert any of hundreds of available symbols by clicking the alpha

. ..--==== 3. More Information ====--.. .
You can get more information on Document DE 7 as well as get help here:

You can get information on Doors CS 6 (and higher) here:

You can view and download Kerm Martian's other programs here: