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  1. Here is the first final version of UnreaL TOurnaMent for the TI-86, the revolutionary all-3D first person shooter that has become popular on the the TI-83 and TI-83+. This version contains all seven large, complex levels. All of the bugs have been fixed. This game runs on the ReaL 3D graphics engine, and includes incredible 3D wall and environment rendering. The game is completely graphical; even the menus are graphical. This is one of the smallest and best 3D first person shooters out there for the TI-86. Each of the seven possible levels takes less than 1 kbyte. There is no annoying wait while the program loads levels or screens; after an initial install to set preferences, from starting the program to starting shooting people takes about 5 seconds. There are enemies to shoot that shoot back, and you must collect health and ammo. If you run out of health from being shot, you lose. Check out the screenshots! This program is amazing; a must-download!!!

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  2. RPG Port of the 83+ hit Age of Darkness. This is a simple graphical RPG where you travel different lands in search of the Crystals of power to vanquish the Enemy.

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