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This is a simple, cookie clicker-style game with a twist. Purchase upgrades, collect energy and button mash to increase your earnings! I would love feedback/suggestions so feel free to give it a review.

-Added a title screen, a custom menu and a custom shop.


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5 years, 11 months ago


8.5/10 (2 votes)


First off, I think a dedicated topic for people to post bugs they encounter would be better than in a review. ;) **BUGS: *When you click 'Help' it gives an Invalid error, clicking Goto (I unlocked the program) brings me to an Output command that is missing a ( . *After fixing the previous bug, I found a Pause command that was missing a space (instead of "Pause " it was "Pause") *Reacter is actually spelled Reactor *When the X captures the omega, it doesn't disappear, it says on the screen until I move another X over it. *In the ReadMe, it says 3 when it should say 2. **PROS: Moving past the bugs, I mostly enjoyed this program. It's not very complex, but still consists of unique features! *Crazy encryption system so no cheating! If I hadn't unlocked the program and looked at the code, there's no way I could've hack it in a timely manner! *I like the 'catch the omega' mini game that occasionally starts. I've never seen that on a click-game before. *I mostly like how the collection system works. *Decently optimized, this runs at a good speed. **CONS: *No Cesium icon?! What is this? 2017?! Oh, wait. *I kind of wish there was an automated things somewhere that would do the clicking for you. I spent 2000 clicks just to reach level 3, and after a time, it gets dull repeatedly pressing [2nd]. *The goals to reach the next level seem excessively high! Especially without some sort of automated clicker. **CONCLUSION: Although this program needs some balancing and some spicing up, I think that this programmer really shows potential in making unique games! It seems very well written for a first time program and I look forward to future programs from this programmer! [7/10]


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