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A few months ago, Jonathan Pezzino and I had worked on a fair artificially intelligent bot player script for the TBM Blockland mod. We both let it lapse as we got involved in other projects, yet recently, I rediscovered the source in an old backup. I posted it up, and since then, elfprince13, jpez, and I have brushed up on our TorqueScript and made a serviceable bot script. The script, downloadable at the link below, will allow the creation of relatively intelligent bot players that can hold and fire weapons, aim at players and other bots, give and receive damage, and even fight amongst each other. With a special mode we developed entitled Red vs. Blue, the bots can even band together in armies, with red fighting blue, blue attacking red, and both destroying the human players whenever possible. Enjoy this beta!<br /><br />
New features:<br />
1. armies.<br />
2. players can join armies.<br />
3. red vs blue command to create red and blue armies<br />
4. bots can be damaged by any weapon and can use any weapon (if you want nukes or flashlights you have to specifically give them to the bots using the 'cfa' server command)<br />
5. bodyguards<br />
6. bodyguards turn into normal bots upon death of the person they are protecting

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