Show us what you're working with.

I've noticed that most coders tend to have sorely disorganized desktops. I'm expecting to see desktops with 200+ icons and "New Folder" directories pushing critical mass.

(I dropped this in Technology since it's computer-related)

I'm OCD when it comes to keeping my files organized. I don't keep desktop icons at all - just a lot of quicklaunch icons and a custom toolbar for common directories.

Also - I'm not searching for any previous incarnations of a desktop thread. There's probably no point in necroposting if it's several pages down, anyway.
My desktop is not desperately exciting - I like to keep it clean. Launching programs and folders is very quick via Vista's start menu search field or recently used list, so I don't feel the need for a quick launch bar or desktop icons for the majority of software.

"My other computer is a Z80".

Wow, Ben, your icons are huge. Smile
Here's mine!
Here's all I have right now; I'll post screenies of my desktop and laptop when I get home after class.

(feh, tiny thumbnail is tiny)
No visible icons, as everything I usually need is available with a couple keystrokes.

I don't see how you can use all that space, Kerm.. three monitors across is doable, but I'd want to start doing some vertical stacking with a fourth.
merthsoft wrote:
Here's mine!

Hehe that's pretty nifty Smile
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
merthsoft wrote:

Hehe that's pretty nifty Smile

Thanks! This is my setup at work:

I don't have a picture of the desktop, but it's a cluttered mess. I do make pictures out of the icons, though. Like smiley faces and stuff.
What's that piece of hardware directly underneath your second monitor?
Desk? Mine is sitting on foot high wooden blocks so I can slide my mini-fridge into the area where my legs are supposed to go.

Unless you meant this:

large pic is large, 3600x1080

Uploaded with

Edited by Merth: The picture was too big, so I just made it a thumbnail.
Oh, and my other, slightly more useful. And definitely more fun "desktop"

As promised, the desktop from my desktop, all four monitors worth. Click for the larger view. You'll note weird discontinuities; those are because I have a standard template I use for my backgrounds that removes an appropriate width for the bevels of my monitors. Viewed on my monitors, it appears that the bevels are just in front of the background, if that makes sense.

I don't like a big, messy, desktop all that much, I keep mine clear with no objects. I use my 2 sidebars and taskbar when I need to do stuff. All of them are set to hidden except when I move my mouse to them, so my desktop is really just a picture. Nothing really fancy because my RAM is important to me. Very Happy

Had to photoshop each of those in since they can't all be there at the same time.
I agree, I hate having a big messy desktop. If you look carefully at mine, you'll see that there's relatively few objects there. I have an extremely highly-structured My Documents, plus I use Launchy to launch all my programs.
KermMartian wrote:
I agree, I hate having a big messy desktop. If you look carefully at mine, you'll see that there's relatively few objects there. I have an extremely highly-structured My Documents, plus I use Launchy to launch all my programs.

If you double click on my desktop, 1 object fades in, Desktop. Inside that are my main files, Computer, Documents, etc...
Curious. I didn't realize multiple-monitor setups were suddenly popular. I bet it provides for an efficient development environment, though.
I did have a multiple-monitor setup a few years ago:

Unfortunately since then one of my CRTs has given up the ghost and I can't physically fit two of these new-fangled widescreen monitors on my desk so I've gone back to a single monitor.

It is useful to have documentation on one monitor and the thing you're working on on the other. Frankly, I'd rather have a single monitor with a decent resolution than multiple monitors with a lower resolution, though.
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