interesting -- here is the directory right now to 'projects' -- "C:\PRIZM\fxCG_miniSDK_1_05 (1)\projects\SNAKE" are underscores considered spaces?
No, but the part after 1_05 and (1) is a space.
Shock never noticed that. Let's see if that fixes it.

New directory -- "C:\PRIZM\SDK\projects\SNAKE"

Errors: about the same Sad

EDIT: if it helps at all, even a blank source file, or even building INSIGHT causes these errors. So I really have no idea on where to start fixing things :/
It looks like a permissions issue, what Windows version is this?

Try right clicking on the PRIZM folder and selecting properties. Click on the security tab and make sure your user has read and write permissions on it and all subfolders.
Vista :/

it does say I have read and write permissions for both, just not "special permissions" (i.e. installing stuff/etc. other things that require a password) so I don't think that's the issue from what I can make of it Sad
The GCC based SDK is a go thanks to the awesome work of TheTari. I have packaged it up with a makefile, a library with all the know syscalls, and a few other things. Someone who is more familiar with batch and cmd files can make up a build system based on the Makefile for those without make. If not I'll try and throw something together soon.

Without further ado here is the tar.xz, I will edit the post with a .zip and archives without the windows builds of GCC for Linux users who can build their own toolchains.

PrizmSDK without any windows binaries included. I will upload the source of libfxcg soon.

You can also use this with the KPIT GNU tools but it does not include the mkg3a.exe so you will need to grab that from its respective thread.

Full SDK's with gcc and mkg3a.exe's

In the future I will just upload newer gcc builds, updates to the SDK, and the syscall libraries separately.
This is excellent and amazing, and I shall definitely finally post that long-suffering news article about Prizm progress tonight. Superb work, Jonimus and Tari!
Yes! This is awesome, jonimus! I'm glad I don't have to use that other mini-SDK anymore :3
OK I have uploaded an updated sdk with a bit of a readme an update Makefile and a GCC that should work, though I just realized I forgot one of the Makefile changes.

The new tar can be gotten here, the other archives should be done uploading soon.
Ashbad wrote:
Yes! This is awesome, jonimus! I'm glad I don't have to use that other mini-SDK anymore :3
No offense to Simon, it was excellent work, but it just wasn't the most user-friendly for me. Actually, I really need to update the first post in this thread to put Jonimus' and Tari's GCC SDK above the miniSDK/SDK combination instruction-wise.
The fx-9860 SDK download has been taken down from my site now that GCC is available.
Well we don't quite have it in a state where you can just click to compile but we're working on it.
I personally would appreciate it if it was made easier to compile programs -- a simple "Click Here!" isn't necessarily needed, but something simpler than a makefile (such as a console-based application that accepts input via typing in the title, etc. to compile) would be perfect.

For me at least.
Ashbad, well once we work out all the bugs having a text file to edit with the settings such as name and such wouldn't be to hard to do.
TheStorm wrote:
Ashbad, well once we work out all the bugs having a text file to edit with the settings such as name and such wouldn't be to hard to do.
Indeed. And I'd be happy to make a Python program somewhat akin to the DCS SDK driver that could simplify the process of building Prizm programs with the PrizmSDK.
So until we get our own build of GCC working I suggest we try using for the time being, while we can work out all of the needed DLL's and their required placement in the SDK FS.
*Bump* (massive zip and tar.gz will be up soon as well) is a now working gcc based sdk. I still need to make some upgrades to libfxcg such as including all the extra routines from the useful routines thread and simon's sdk but other than that it works and is in a useable state.

Thanks once again to Tari for all his hard work on getting linking to work and to Fishbot for helping me figure out some of the extra syscalls. As we find more they can be easily added to libfxcg with ease.

Edit: Just to clarify all one should need to do to compile their projects is edit the Makefile and and replace DEFAULT.c with their source files, in the order they need to be compiled. The README.txt has example command line args for mkg3a.exe for including icons and the addin name localizations.
This is most excellent, TheStorm! I'm grabbing it now to test the linking; and I just did, and my g3a is 201KB instead of 129MB! This is awesome; many many thanks to you and Tari for your work. I need to poke Shaun to see what progress he's making on his project, then I shall make a bit of Obliterate progress and post that and this up.

Edit: Now to read the readme on mkg3a to find out how to get the add-in named and icon-ed properly. Wink
Just verified working here, too. I did notice that you put make's libintl and libiconv dlls in the root directory, which isn't necessary. Those work fine when put in the same directory as make.exe (unlike the libraries gcc needs..).

KermMartian wrote:
Edit: Now to read the readme on mkg3a to find out how to get the add-in named and icon-ed properly. Wink

The mkg3a help may be a little bit cryptic, so if you could note anything that's confusing about it, I'd love to make it better. An easy example invocation that sets both several names and the icons (from the PrizmSDK readme):

mkg3a -i uns:unselected.bmp -i sel:selected.bmp -n "en:My First Addin" -n "es:José" addin.bin MyFirstAddin.g3a
Epic success on that, thanks Tari! Seems to be working very nicely, other than the awkwardness of my end from arbitrarily resampling my 256-color bitmap icons back up to 24 bits; I didn't save the original .xcf, unfortunately. Now back to our regularly-scheduled Prizm programming!
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