The final first version of SourceCoder, my PHP project to convert BASIC files from raw .8*p to readable, pastable HTML and BBCode, has been completed. This tool allows you to retrieve the full source code of any TI-83, TI-83+, TI-83+SE, TI-84+, or TI-84+SE BASIC-language program. Simple browse to a .8*p program, then click the Parse File button. You will be given readable source code onscreen and copy/pastable source in three formats:
::phpBB-compatible BBCode
::Invision/InvisionFree-compatible BBCode
I hope that this will be a useful tool for the community; those who have tried it so far haev been relatively impressed with it. As usual, please report any and all bugs to me. For future versions, I hope to add support for more calculator types, automatic ASM program rejection, and perhaps .8*i support. Enjoy!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I added a new feature to SourceCoder this morning. It now will take any .8*i file and parse it into an onscreen GIF file complete with a border. This file can be saved and posted elsewhere, modified, used for reference, etc. I added this feature after noticing that the program did not differentiate between different .8** filetypes. It now automatically correctly outputs code, a gif, or an error message depending on what kind of file you upload to it. Have fun with it.

Source Coder V1.0

good job, keep up the good work

I still say you need to add a notepad compatible style
Eh, I don't really see any reason for that.
it would be really hard to tho, since not everyone would have the TI-capable fonts, and without those fonts installed on the users machine, it would look really wierd

just wait for an offline source coder Wink Cool
Nice logo...but why the random international characters on notepad? Were those just the result of pasting code into notepad, by any chance?
Along with the image thing, it would be really sweet if it were able to take the 8xi and make a bitmap (right word?) of it in Notepad. Basically if it could make it into the assembly pic format:


.db $00,$00,$00,$00,$FF,$FA,$BA,$6D,CA,$31,$00,$00
.db etc for the 64 rows

That would be awesome although I have no idea of how hard it would be to do or if it's even possible. Otherwise good job Good Idea
What if it could make ASCII pictures? That would be sweet.
Chipmaster: That would be INCREDIBLY easy. Let me go do that.
Really, I have dreamed of having this done. So far I have converted 10 pictures by hand (well using a program I made) and typing them in to Notepad. Each one is grueling and can take 30min. That would be beyond 1337 if you could do that!!!!
*Wants to hug Kerm* AWESOME This will save a ton of time!!!
Glad I was able to help. What other features can I add?
KermMartian wrote:
Chipmaster: That would be INCREDIBLY easy. Let me go do that.

lol, just had to add formatting and such, right? (since both use hex...)
A link to my Sprite Manipulator. Smile
Hot. Javascript I presume?

I'm planning on adding list and matrix support tomorrow.
Nope, the only JS on my site is whats used in phpBB, the counter, and the Web Ring. The rest is all PHP. Smile
*whew* Oh ok, you had me worried there for a moment.
SourceCoder: New format added: Real Lists
SourceCoder: New format added: complex lists
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