GG. What options have you guys considered and tried?
I just became mod so i am not sure. I know we tried just about every vBuellitin mod we could find but they all caused something on the site to not work correctly.
I'm assuming you guys have other mods installed then. If it's not a lot of mods I'd cross reference the install directions for each mod, if any require the same line(s) to be edited, see how you can go about merging the two (or multiple) mods.
comicIDIOT wrote:
One prevention I'm a fan of recently is that new users can't have outgoing links in their posts (or signature?) until a post count is reached.

And holy necro-bump. But it's on topic so I'm not too worried about it Smile
I would definitely be in favor of the former idea; implementation should be pretty straightfoward. Aes: I've poked Thomas to give you some suggestions.
I like the way another forum I'm on does it (but maybe not to this extreme): every post is judged by a moderator before others can see it, and after 5 posts, you get access to things like the gallery, avatar, signature, etc. Maybe it could also work where you only judge the first 5 posts, and then after that they can just run free. Of course, that forum is pretty concerned about the sort of things that get posted, seeing as there is a large chance that it could be offensive (Transgender forum).
Ya, thanks Kerm. We have a store mod that we use to modify titles and usernames. Mostly bold, underline, color , basic styles, a lot of people like that system. Also I personally have no coding power, but my lower admins could do some of that. Thanks for the help.

Adapt this to whatever your system is. Shouldn't be terribly difficult.
Thanks very much, I will throw that at my admins. Thanks for the help guys.
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