What are the number values for Getkey in CasioPRIZM basic? I know the ones in TI-Basic. Which number goes to which key?
I recall that you have a Prizm. It wouldn't be hard to setup a program to record and display each key press.

Are you able to find the values and share it with us?
I don't know how.

Just search Smile
I tried the codes I put,
“Getkey →K
If K=28
Goto U”

It keeps giving me an error message. Help.
First off, Getkey is not a loop, so it must be placed in one. A common loop for getkey is "While."

While K=0
If K=28
Goto U

Secondly, what is the error you are given?
It says, “Syntax ERROR”
When you press Exit, where does the cursor end up?
“If K=28”
I am getting an error there as well and can't figure out why. Interesting.
I wonder why........
I think we must be using While or If statements wrong. The interesting thing is that it seems the loop is always hitting that If line even when it's looping around waiting for a key to be pressed.
I only hit the If statement when a key is pressed. I've changed the '=' to a '≠' so it keeps looping until the getkey is 28. I still get the error.

I checked the posts to see how If is used but it seems there's nothing wrong, unless If:Execute isn't valid. I'd test it but I can't find IfEnd. Sad


I got it to work. It seems this isn't valid:

If K=28
Goto U

While, this is:

If K=28
Goto U

IfEnd also shows up only if there's an If:Then that hasn't been closed.
Word of caution, it's extremely bad practice to use a Goto inside an If:Then:End structure.
If K=28
Goto U

You can do this :

K=28 => Goto U

But you shouldn't use Goto/Lbl as comicIDIOT said.
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