Hi all,

a little introduction of me, since i didnt use the forums before, i just used sourcecoder ^^
i am dutch, and program since my 12th year, i started with pawn (a language used for programming gamemode's for san andreas multiplayer) and then proceded with php and other web languages,
when i got to the 4th grade of middle school, i got my ti 84+ and started doing some basic stuff in BASIC (lol)

i would say this is my best project so far:
it is a unit circle, it calculates the x and the y of a certain angle on a circle with a radius of 1, it was the subject we're currently on with maths so i thought i'd try Very Happy

without further gibberish here it is:
or as a zip

some screens:

Welcome to Cemetech, LegoDude! I recommend that you Introduce Yourself in that topic, and tell us about your past, current, and future projects. Also, feel free to upload zips of your favorite projects along with screenshots and a readme to the Cemetech file archives. I'm impressed that you started programming TI-BASIC so early; I didn't start until sixth or seventh grade, around 11 or 12 years old. If you want to take a screenshot, try loading your program to the jsTIfied online TI-83 Plus emulator, right clicking the screen, and choosing Save Image...
haha i think you misinterpreted me,
we have elementary school (first till 8th grade)
then we go to the middle school, and we start counting again from 1,
so i was 14-15 when i started ti basic haha Razz

ill go and introduce myself shortly, and post this script to the file archives

cheers Smile


the jstified is a canvas element, thus not a image, and i cant rightclick>save it :/
Ah, then you must be using a browser other than Firefox. I didn't code an explicit screenshot function into jsTIfied because in Firefox, you can right-click on Canvas elements and choose to save their contents as an image. Either way, those screenshots look great! 14-15 is a good age to get into programming. Smile I look forward to your introduction post.
yep, i use chrome Razz
legodude wrote:
yep, i use chrome Razz
I'm disappointed to hear that Chrome doesn't offer that feature, although I've never been a huge Chrome fan in the first place. Anyway, don't forget to upload this to the Archives when you get a chance, and tell us about any progress (or new projects).
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