hello all!

i currently am playing with my raspberry pi, and i want to link it to my amplifier. but my pc is connected to it too..

i have a 2 way audio splitter (3.5 mm one), can i just plug that into my pc and raspberry pi, and lead it to the amplifier?

you may ask how i did this, because a splitter generally has 2 female and one male, heres how:

i have the existing male in my raspberry pi's audio out, i have a extension cord (m-m) leading from one of the females of the splitter to my pc's audio out. my amplifier set is plugged in via the other female on the splitter..

my question is, would this situation be harmful? i constantly switch the pc and raspberry pi now. but i want to avoid the need to switch. plugging it in another slot on the amp is off limits, because it doesnt have more..
I don't think you will run into any issues unless both are trying to output at the same time.
No, you should not do that. Each output will drive the other output as well as the input, which will at best lead to distortion and at worst to damage to your equipment. You need either a physical switch or a mixer.
Listen to Kerm, not me. He knows what he's talking about.
okay thanks, how would i go about making something like that as cheap as possible?
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