Tax return is in. I am tired of my pencil iron so im wondering thoughts on a handful of irons.

I know tari suggested the hakko fx888d

Went looking on amazon to see what else was out there. So just looking for thoughts.

Kendal 2 in 1 Hot air/solder pen station

Aoyue-9378 Digital station

any other suggestions or thoughts?

I bought mine new. It works well for the price: I also bought some fine tips. It's ideal for soldering the TI-83 inorder to replace the faulty ribbon connector. I have also used it for fine PCB work but also needed a hobby magnifying glass to go with it.
Ended up with the Kendal. The hot air really suits my interests as of late and will be fun to have.
I recently unboxed a Weller WESD51 (Digital version). It should be pretty handy for working with new alloys.
Since we're discussing our current hardware, I'm very happy working with a precise digital Aoyue Int2900, which tops out around 70 Watts and runs about $100.
Should have it come Wednesday in time for hcwp Very Happy will be fun to unbox then take apart on hcwp Very Happy cant wait! Might canabalize some old hardware for lulz while im at it
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