Hello all,

I was planning to get one of those Obutto racing cockpit-style workstations for a 3-monitor setup. (For calc programming, of course! Razz) With the tons of monitors out there I wanted to ask if you guys have any recommendations for a 24"+ HD monitor that works well for these multi-head display setups. I'm not necessarily looking for a gaming style display, but something dependable.
There's no monitor that works well in a multi-monitor setup. In fact, they all work the same. They're monitors. What monitor do you use now? I'm sure those'll work. Multi-monitor setups can include various brands and sizes or all of the same model. It's up to you.

For work, I have two 19" dual-screened Dell E1913. I guess I'm looking for some with a very narrow bezel width and VESA mounting. Actually, I'm also curious to see if there are (reputable) retailers who sell stand-free monitors or discount them if you get 3 at once. (Looks at Kerm's topic)
I've always been satisfied with the Dell Ultrasharp series. the of course aren't cheap but are of consistantly good quality and have all the features you are looking for, though its not the narrowest bezel its smaller than many I've seen.
I have three of the Dell U2412M. As Jonimus notes they're not exactly cheap, but they're good quality. I've not had any issue with the bezel size the times I've spanned things across them, FWIW.
One thing to keep in mind is that nVidia cards do not support >2 monitors per card, ever, on most of their GPUs. You will need multiple cards in SLI to get 3 or more monitors.

This is not the case with ATI, which provides as many display drivers as you have ports. (usually a max of 3)
I third the Dell suggestions. I have two and three very nice.
I guess I can't argue with that! I've also gotten some good feedback from coworker who had put together a similar build with 2 Nvidia 680's + SLI.
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