Sometimes I post some code here. To indent code I use tabs.


   /*There was a tab before this comment */

When you try and copy and paste it the comment above you will find that the instead of a tab you get a bunch of spaces. I am sure that the person who wants to integrate the posted code will have a tougher time doing such in clean-way. Fortunately (in vim) pressing the = key fixes indentation quickly however not everyone uses vim. I am wondering why this happens. Even more interesting when I edit my post the tab is preserved.
It really comes down to the fact the database preserves tabs but the script that fetches them does not. I'm sure it could be fixed with ease and it will be something I look into tomorrow after work. Mostly, I see the need for preserved tabs within code tags. Is it something I should strive to bring outside of that?
I don't think so, just code tags. I admit this is a nitpicking issue but I just found the behavior strange.
hi, i noticed the search box is misaligned.
when i add vertical-align:top to the input field with name="q" it displays correctly.

my ocd was killing me haha
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