So, I'm thinking of putting together a video tutorial for an upcoming project. There's just one problem... No desktop recorder!

Has anyone here had any luck with any desktop recorders in particular? Mainly I'm looking for a Windows / Linux recorder that allows audio recording; with bonus points for widely-used video format exporting (.wmv, mp4, ...).
I use recordmydesktop on Linux, it outputs theora video and vorbis audio in the ogv container format. It will record your full monitor setup or any portion of it (or a specific window ID). I don't compress or do on-the-fly encoding as it usually causes dropped frames in the output video, but it works perfectly fine for recording 3200x1080 including OpenGL programs.

edit: I have used others, of course. This one works the best from what I have tried.

As for exporting in other formats, just use the Swiss army knife of audio/video: ffmpeg.

Windows: FRAPS (I haven't used it, friends have)

Cross-platform: VLC.
Fraps often likes to stop supporting desktop recording mode, though. In my case, I had Aero desktop recording enabled, then one day, all of a sudden, it stopped letting me recording from desktop and three years later I have never been able to fix it. Sadly, I have never found any other alternative that can capture 1920x1080 videos at such high frame rate under Windows.
ffsplit is competent on Windows in my experience, and it's fairly easy to do fancier things with overlays and such if you want. XSplit also has a good reputation, but I've never used it. Similar for OBS.
For the record, on any vaguely modern Mac, the built-in QuickTime is a perfectly competent screen recorder, though you'll want to use SoundFlower to help it redirect audio for you to capture as well (by default you can only get the microphones). You can also use SoundFlower + LineIn to record audio from your microphone and your computer sound at the same time.
I don't always post on message boards, but when I do, I go unheard from for weeks at a time.

Okay, so I tried this out under Windows 8.1 (I know, I know) with VLC since I've had installed it previously for DVDs. The procedure seemed to be fairly painless. Actually I had no idea desktop recording was even included. Now if only I had something to record. : P
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