Hell once again, Cemetech.

I am making a quadcopter as per title, and I have already made up a list of components I will be order.

I was hoping to get your feedback as to any reason why any of these might be a bad pick.

Total weight of my copter (excluding props, including everything else, 1116.6g)

I was hoping you guys could point me towards the best propellers to use to get the correct amount of thrust for easy lift off and maneuverability. I've read that twice the weight in thrust is a really good ratio, but 2kG of thrust seems like a lot. I would also like to know if you guys recommend any good lightweight cameras to mount to the copter as well. Thank you all for taking the time to read and respond, I will update my progress throughout the build!

Motors - SunnySky X2212-13

Frame - Hobbyking SK450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450mm

On board flight controller - OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller

ESC - Hobby King 20A ESC 3A UBEC

Battery - Turnigy 3300mAh 3S 30C Lipo
I haven't built any rotor craft in the past, but twice the weight in thrust sounds pretty reasonable: Obviously, if thrust = weight, then your copter will basically be able to cancel out gravity without getting off the ground (though it should stay at whatever height you put it at). Incidentally, Kg doesn't measure force (which both weight and thrust are forms of), it measures mass. You'll want to be working in Newtons. Since F=m*a, and gravity near earth's surface provides approximately a=10m/s^2, you'll want about 20Newtons of thrust for a 1Kg payload (which weighs about 10Newtons)
Thank you for the insight elfprince, I will take that into account.

I still have to figure out which camera I will be using on my craft, so I will have to wait until I know the mass of the camera before the final props are chosen.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Raspberry-Pi camera? I heard it's actually pretty stable and works well.

Edit: Spelling
I just realized, as I'm sitting here with 'all' of my parts, I don't have the 12 female 3.5mm bullet connectors to connect the ESCs to the motors. The motors have the males already on them, but I need females to solder to the ESCs. Would it be alright to snip the males from the motors and solder wire to wire

I know that may cause inconvenience down the road if I want to switch out either my motors or ESCs, but will this harm the motors?

EDIT: Typo

EDIT2: It's getting late and I'm willing to risk it, I'm just so eager to get into the air. If wires need to be switched to change the props direction (CW or CCW) I will resolder them accordingly. If the motors are damaged from the heat of the soldering process I'll bite the bullet and order some new ones!
Sounds like it should be fairly harmless. At long as there's enough wire left to modify them easily in the future.
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