I can't find the Happy Birthday, Geekboy topic that I could swear we had, so here's a new one to make up for the missing topic. Today is our esteemed Global Mod and community leader Geekboy1011's birthday, and I'd love to be the first to wish him a very happy birthday. Hope it's a blast! I was invited to come and celebrate with him in person, but unfortunately, I was unable, which I'm sure I'll have to make up to him at some point. Wink

Happy birthday geekboy! Very Happy
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Geekboy! Hope that it is quite enjoyable!
Happy birthday!
Facebook reminded me that I was in danger of letting today go by without wishing Geekboy a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. A little bird told me that by this time next year he may be married, so here's to a successful, happy, and fun day and year. Good Idea
I swung by just in time to notice this thread. Happy birthday, Geekboy!
Happy birthday Geekboy!
Happy birthday, man!
Happy birthday Geekboy! Very Happy
Happy Birthday, Geekboy! Smile
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday or wahtever
Thanks everyone!
Hey, it's your birthday again, but four years later! Hope you're older, richer, wiser.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Geekboy! Wish you a lovely day and cake Very Happy
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