I think I found some bugs with confused attacking. You need to kill the enemy, not the enemy itself, to win. It had -1 HP and I had to fight an extra round.
thanks for the heads up. That is an easy fix
I also see a few simple optimizations, like storing zero changed to Delvar, and the second While loop in the battle engine can become a Repeat loop so you can get rid of the "0üK" and the "=0" after While can be truncated.

And you left an ending " in line 10 of RIVERA1.

Other than that it looks like a good RPG. Good Idea
ok, thanks for those, will do
Neutral eh, I'll look through the whole thing. Razz

I beat both opponents! Very Happy

edit: After beating someone you can fight them again by pressing 2nd...
ok, that is odd, let me look into that
I have nothing to back it up with, but it might have to do with your loop configuration. I noticed the character blink a little while trying to go through the walls, so I think because you let any keypress through the loop, the previous coordinates (the enemy coordinates) are re-registered.

Do I seem smarter than normal today? Laughing
yeah, it may be a loop. I am still working on it.

Uploading to SC to see code easier
Please. And post it up.
ran it through, and then I found my bug. I have to wonder why I put in a while loop to do one thing. that didn't help. I fixed that bug, will fix a few of the others and then rezip and upload
Are you going to post up the code here so we can oogle it?
I can if you really want, but it is really long also.

Updated the zip, same link
Radical Pi wrote:
like storing zero changed to Delvar

you will save 1 or 2 bytes by doing that, but it is actually slower, so it isn't an optimization unless you are fighting to decrease the size
It only adds about 1 millisecond. :/.
it is one byte per thing I am doing, and the 0 makes sense to me
KermMartian wrote:
It only adds about 1 millisecond. :/.

still slower Razz
can we get this back on the RPG?
Okay, so you wouldn't Delvar within the engine, just while it's setting up.
setup is all ones
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