I have been doing some things in the music department and thought I'd share it here Smile

I have a youtube channel, and I will be posting some of my music projects here!

I will be sorting by project type.


The Kahoot! lobby theme:

All Star - by Smash Mouth (well part of it, I'm can't be bothered to do the rest):

Misc Starwars stuff:
Link to old stuff

Wacky synths version of Canon, in D major:
Link to more old stuff

Original Compositions
Stumbling Through Math

Halcyon Plains Album wrote:

Here, on SoundCloud!

Also on SoundCloud.

The Flame:
Can't you tell I like SoundCloud?

More of a music theory exercise than a song, but here:

Worst song ever written in A minor that switches for NO REASON to C major

More stuff coming soon!
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