Happy Bday Alex!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
What did you do?

Well everyone. It's been a fun one! Put on some reading glasses.

I left my job December 22nd to pick up more hours at my internship and to focus on that path of my working life. I no longer get up at 1am in the morning for work and have the option of working from home a majority of my time. It's pretty nice but as it is only getting about 10 hours a week. So, I'm going back to school for Computer Networking Technology. I'm going to get an AA and also a CNAA (maybe they're the same thing?). It's been 6 years since I dropped out of college and this will be my first college degree if I manage to stay in this time.

I have applied for an IT internship at my current internship and got mixed answers. "Yes, they have a spot" and "Sorry, we don't have a position in the budget." But I'm still going forward with the CNAA schooling. It's what I want and the intern position would have been some sweet bonus points post graduation. Classes start January 30th.

Leading up to my birthday I did some stuff I've usually been afraid of doing. Because of the hours I worked I never did things in the evening and preferred to stay inside than go out once I got home from work. The reason being that, where I live, traffic is horrid. Rush hour starts heating up at 3pm and finishes at 7pm. It would take me an hour to go 20 miles if I headed home at 5pm. Which, wasn't terrible since I tried to be in bed by 7pm.

The first thing I did was go up to Yosemite National Park with a friend and about 10 of his friends. I'm usually quite introverted but that was the best 4 days I have had in a long while. He and I were suppose to go camping with some mutual friends the day after we got back from the park but adverse weather prohibited us from doing so. Also, his 1978 truck gave out on the way up so he no longer had transport which was a big factor. He and I were going to carpool to camping since we'd be practicing something called "Dispersed Camping" With the recent rain and storms, my car wouldn't make it very far on muddy service roads and with heavy rain and even snow at our projected location we all canceled until Summer.

Then a few weeks later to this past weekend, I went to Arizona to meet some friends who had moved out there over the years. I stayed four days but could have stayed 6 days for $15 more. I decided not to because work was having Chipotle and Board Game night on Monday - which everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, which was a surprise! - and there is a company wide meeting I helped out with on Thursday.

While near Phoenix, Arizona I visited a few local sites such as "Goldfield Ghost Town" and "Hole in the Rock." It was really disappointing because I ended up leaving every single camera battery back at home, So, any aspiration to drive hours away to see things was shot down.

Goldfield Ghost Town

Hole in the Rock

It was cool because the flights were short enough that I couldn't really watch a movie but I could do about an hours worth of work both ways.

I didn't really get anything. I got a Cinnamon Chocolate Cake and a new computer chair that I might return. I don't really sit at my desk anymore now that I have a laptop. I did buy myself a Doctor Who t-shirt while in Arizona and picked up my reservation of Resident Evil 7 on PS4 which I intend to play through with PSVR. So far, I'm about an hour in.
Happy birthday, Alex! What fun things are you up to today? Many happy returns.
Happy Birthday Alex! Very Happy
Happy birthday! Very Happy
Happy birthday! Smile
Have a very nice birthday, Alex.

I hope you have a great time!
Happy Birthday, Alex.
Have a very great time Smile
I am too lazy to actually make my own post so instead I quote people and then don't say anything new Razz
Happy bday alex!
Happy birthday Alex! Very Happy
Thanks guys! I appreciate it! I didn't do much which is everything I could have asked for. I left work about 20 minutes early and had a smooth commute home. Had steak for dinner and currently have brownies in the oven. Going to go watch a movie in a bit then call it a night Very Happy

I got a practical gift from my parents, a portable battery for my car so I can jump start in the middle of nowhere, which I routinely am. I can also use it to charge portable devices such as my phone or even my laptop. My sister sent me some Double Dark Hot Chocolate. So, I have some dark hot chocolate to put in my thermos when I go do landscape astrophotography on cold nights this winter and spring in the middle of nowhere Wink
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