I finished the second chunk/chamber of high-efficiency magma block slime farm. Check out an overview of it and how it works, especially how it kills slimes and collects their slimeballs with zero loss:

*bump* Last night, tifreak8x and I hopped on for a half-hour of working in my skyscraper's basement, shooting the breeze while I worked on my new layout for a high-capacity sorter. Enjoy!

Several months later, Episode 14 is here! I did a Let's Build video (a low-key build of a specific machine) about building a working grade crossing with sound and lights. Look for some episodes covering our Mansion Raids soon.

So this past weekend we had an abba end city, which was great fun! We'll be doing similar things sparsely in the future.

Anyways, we blew up an end city Very Happy

Skip to https://youtu.be/FrgtoelShy0?t=758 if you just want to watch a city be destroyed Smile

I also have another series in progress, Beyond the Dwarven Dark, which you can find here:

That was great, tifreak8x; thanks for sharing! I'm glad I finally got around to watching the destruction.

I made a video from my perspective from our Easter event, an Abba-style event where tifreak8x made a special world for an hour-long match. Besides gathering ores, players found chests full of goodies throughout the world, as well as specially tagged pieces of wool. At the end of the match, players could trade in one piece of wool for a shulker box containing goodies including a Towny plot IOU. I'm afraid that Windows Movie Maker did unfortunate things to my video in both quality and framing, but without further ado, here it is!

Finally have an actual episode of from the Cemetech server Smile This time I built a pathway down to my triple vindicator spawner that let's me get in on all the emerald gathering.

I've failed to mention that littlemoonbeam and myself are doing a series based on the windows 10 version, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLttuxS7vlY0o0cEbusOmQnvl3P4ohQpu6
I recorded a not-so short video on my shenanigans on the MC server. Before I get banned, read the description (and note that we are IRL friends, and that I will get murdered for it, probably a few hundred times)


Here's his reaction:


A little bit of a tutorial for the handy ore smasher 9000! Smile Also does pretty well at making concrete blocks.

Edit: You are very good at tutorials, tifreak, perhaps you should do stuff like that more often!
Here's a 2-for-1 deal, I pranked LC and Zeman!

(btw, pranking people isn't the only thing on the server I do. It's just really easy to edit 'n' stuff.)

How-To: Dark room mob spawning system

I've missed a bunch of videos that deserved to be in here! First, building a terminal for the railroad system in spawn, with tifreak8x:

Second, the two parts of my recording of the Halloween adventure on the Cemetech MC server!
How-To: Automated shulkerbox unloading system

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted a video! Here's a Let's Play from our spawn-building adventures.

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