I'm really interested in programming the CG20 but I find too many dead ends here.

  1. Couldn't get hold of any cross-compiler (Mac or Linux preferred)
  2. Couldn't find documentation of LUA programming for the CG20
  3. The Basic(?) is awfully crude and I can't really get my head around the strange syntax
  4. Lots of the links pointing to Casio are dead by now (after 6 years one would expect that)

If anyone has more recent infos, I'd be glad to hear of it.
1 Use windows SDK + wine
2 Sorry, I cannot help you, I do not use LUA (what is it?)
3 Basic is not so bad. It was created for old calculator having few bytes of RAM for programming, so it is kind of compressed. Yes, it is suboptimal, but could be much worse.
4 Yes, I am afraid, that calculator development is slowly dying. Sometimes you can recover dead link from the file name (e.g. link points to zip archive, so you can google that archive file name, it might be elsewhere), but a lot of things are gone. I remember some set of tools to have working MS-dos on AFX2.0 (like resident SW converting [EXE] key to enter), but when I tried to download for my "new" AFX 2.0, it is gone Sad
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