I'm not sure whether it has been officially announced that the server will be resetting for 1.13. I was told to post suggestions on the forums so I made a topic for it.

There is also this topic which I did not want to necropost on.

Anyways, my first suggestion is that the server spawn not be integrated into the survival world, and instead is a separate world which has a portal to the survival world. The world spawn point has special significance with redstone contraptions such as iron farms, permaloaders, and end based item transportation, which are made impossible when the world spawn point is encased in a no-build area. Additionally, I feel that a centralized area for building and such would have a positive effect on community interaction.

Also, I don't think that Towny is necessary for our playstyle. It seems to have caused a few issues on the current server iteration, and it is mostly an annoyance for anyone but the town owner. It does give a few benefits (town protection, disabled mob spawning, and teleportation), but town protection isn't relevant with our rules, mob spawning can be stopped with lighting or a mob switch, and teleportation can be replaced with trains or /home.

I would also like for the rule against AFKing to be removed if TPS issues are resolved with the reset. You can see my arguments for why elsewhere, but it basically boils down to allowing players to put in a lot of effort designing something automatic and then AFKing, as an alternative to putting in a lot of effort doing something repetitive.

One more suggestion is that minecarts be buffed. Currently trains are barely faster than running speed, which is totally inaccurate. There is a plugin that makes minecarts more like trains. I haven't tried it out, but it might be interesting.
I'm personally partial to towny, but if it's causing problems, remove it.

I'd love a trains plugin! That would be so awesome!
Not sure I share your value of a separate spawn world.
We could allow players (or groups of players) to purchase, at a nominal IGC cost, an "embassy" area at spawn to build something of their choosing.. a market, an arcade, whatever. I also would like to see some form of plugin or bulletin board at spawn (or printing to chat) informing players of upcoming events.
*If we're going to ditch towny, can we PLEASE disable creeper damage. I probably will feel little motivation to survival build if I know its probably gonna get blown up that night.
Creeper damage is actually somewhat useful for farms in some cases, but I don't think that that means that all players should have to put up with it. It would be cool if creepers were neutral, or if only creepers with a certain status effect could destroy blocks.

My main concern with the separate spawn is that whenever mobs and items return from the end, they appear at spawn. Since spawn is currently a protected area, there is no way to pick up the items with hoppers and mobs will immediately despawn, meaning that it is impossible to move mobs back and forth from the end without using eggs (which actually kill and spawn a new mob, deleting data like horse speed, creeper chargedness, and villager trades).

If a integrated lobby is chosen for this iteration, I think that an embassy would be a great idea to promote community interaction. Having it cost IGC means that players are less likely to buy a plot and then go inactive.
I also agree that more information would be useful at spawn. I could write something to put in the rules room explaining how to avoid lag.
you could change to the bedrock edition, so i can play...
this technically works, but Kerm said that I couldn't use it.

There are quite a few reasons that bedrock edition is not used. First, it is incompatible with Windows 7, Linux, and MacOS. Second, mechanics are different. Third, there is less server software for Bedrock, so we could not use plugins.

Minecraft Java edition is not that expensive. If your computer can run it, it is very much worth the price.
Something I think important to keep would be having the dragon drop elytra. I guess I'm just partial to liking the way HermitCraft does things.

Something I would like to see is shulkers respawning naturally in end cities. A plugin could well handle that, but so could a mob spawner with operator-set custom data. An op would simply need to place the spawner somewhere near each end city and set it to have a large operating range so shulkers spawn randomly in the end city. Or place it on the central island so players randomly get attacked with levitation while fighting the dragon. . . .

Perhaps instead of AFKing, we could think of ways to make resources more available. I don't think the economy has been working so well. It's not the plugin's fault---and it might be useful even without Towny---but probably more of player attitudes. Perhaps encouraging less trade and more sharing?

Another option might be to forbid large-scale private resource farms. If you want to build a massive iron farm, that's fine, but everybody needs to be allowed to use it.

Consider carefully the implications of removing EggCatcher: The resulting spawner-free farms might be worse for performance than just allowing them.

I think most of us view the initial build-up to getting top-tier armor and stuff as a necessary chore prior to starting real projects. To ease that chore, perhaps we could allow players to transfer one chest or inventory of items (no non-empty shulker boxes) so they can start with good resources, but still need to go through the effort of building a new base and supply chain.

Towny serves at least one important purpose outside of griefing-protection: it gives players more freedom to play with light levels in their builds. Without Towny, players need to light up builds a lot, which can clash with some themes. I like the Bazaar better without the defensive wall, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't like needing a giant border wall.
I think a community focus would be cool, but obviously with the allowance for players to venture off and have their own bases if they preferred that. As with DrDnar, I very much enjoy the way HermitCraft works and would love to be a part of a server like that. The dragon dropping an elytra is a good feature for a server with 10+ players.

Re farming & AFKing, I think if you're going to go all out and build a large automated farm, eg. the Iron Phoenix, then keeping that to yourself seems kind of crazy. I recently built the Iron Phoenix in my single player world, and one overnight AFK session gave me around 3 double chests full of iron. I won't need to run it again for a while. Or do we do what HermitCraft do, and have some kind of Shopping District where players can build shops and trade diamonds for various materials? How heavily would this need to be regulated? I think on HermitCraft it's pretty much an honesty system.
Though this isn't directly related to 1.13, I would like a world download for the current 1.12 world.

Even though I didn't end up using it much, I really loved the minecart system. It helped me travel a lot in the early game, and in the end game it provided landmarks.

I also liked the eggcatcher plugin, for reasons discussed in other threads. It removes the need for most large farms, and encourages trading, building, etc.

With sign shops, the need for shops to be regulated/based on an honor system is essentially gone. I support keeping the (relatively) small fee to create the shop, though, to prevent spam.
As I have stated before, I feel that the main reason that the economy is not used is that for basically every item in the game, besides those only obtainable by one person, it takes less effort to get that item yourself than to find lapis and travel to the location where the item is sold. I think this is mostly because of Eggcatcher, which allows players to farm mobs without having to either hunt for them or build a specialized farm for them. Hunting for mobs encourages players to get a few more items than they need, so they don't have to go back later. Large farms require a lot of effort for the first item and every item after that is basically free. In both cases, the marginal cost in time for items after the first is low, so someone who produces a lot of an item can put less effort into each item than someone who produces just one. Eggcatcher, on the other hand, has basically no upfront cost per item type, since spawner farms work with most mobs. This means the effort it takes one person to farm an additional item is the same as the amount it takes someone else to farm their first item, so there is less incentive to trade.

I hope that made sense.

Making all farms public decreases the incentive to build those farms. After all, you could just wait for someone else to build a farm and get the same items. Also, once an item is free, nobody can sell it, which would have issues with the economy when all items that are easy to get manually are free. I have played on some tech servers which used communism, but that only really worked because all farms were collaborative efforts between a large percentage of the community.
As IPhoenix said, I would also like a download or just the seed of the world to save my builds.

I feel that if large scale farms were made public, it would decrease market competition because everyone will have access to that item for free.

I do still want /home and /spawn, but no other commands as we are very transportation-based server. The commands make it easier to get to the abba world and other needed resources that may take much longer to get to by rail, especially if you are on the far edge of the map.

As for the signshop fee, I believe that there should be no/a very small fee (maybe 10D-50D), which is fully refunded if you break the shop. This would increase our economy, as it allows for multiple chain stores that compete to have the most convenience to the players in price and location. To prevent users having a shop and leaving, we could have a rule that after a year of inactivity, their shops get deleted or unprotected.

I do still want eggcatcher, as is reduces lag.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'll edit this post in the future if I think of anything else.
I think that eggcatcher should not be added on the 1.13 server. It feels too un-vanilla in my opinion, and encourages people to build simple spawner farms instead of more creative farms using more advanced spawning/breeding mechanics.

I would be open to playing on a server without many plug-ins. I don't think Towny is necessary, and I think we should try playing with more of a trade system instead of using an economy plug-in.

I hope that the release of the 1.13 server is well publicized in advance so that everyone can plan to get on for the start (and use the fancy new Discord voice channels).
So, where to begin..

Spawn is currently being plotted out in a selected world, obviously highlighting all the new features that 1.13 brings to the game. We've never done a separate world for spawn, and it will probably never happen.

As to allowing farms and redstone things to be in spawn, that's a definite no. That means things will be loaded and running at all times, which reduces performance for others.

I see a lot of talk about plugins and the like. We're still debating which plugins we're going to use. I am personally pushing the removal of towny and egg catcher. Before you get all up in arms, please consider this. We are an 'Intelligent survival server'. You don't want creepers spawning in and blowing things up? Light up your area! Don't want to use lights? There are some very creative ways of using slabs and stairs on the floor that will prevent mobs from spawning in the darkest of rooms. Towny and egg catcher has become somewhat of a crutch, and towny itself has been no end of problems which requires an extremely busy Kerm or Comic to take care of.

I would like to keep economy and sign shops in, and set up things in spawn for sale and purchasing to have an array of things more in line with what the 1.8 spawn had. This list of items is still being discussed, if we go this route at all. It may be easier to go with a bartering system using diamonds itself as a price, similar to what Hermitcraft does.

re: Dragon dropping elytra. I'm pushing for this to continue to be a thing as well as possibly dropping a dragon head. I'm also pushing for us to utilize the custom recipe system 1.13 introduced to allow additional changes, like getting the smooth stone slab blocks, and fixing the amount of stairs given when creating them.

Depending how things go, we'll also probably continue having a cycling abba world, probably just once a week. There will also potentially be the bi-monthly or quarterly end or nether map for people to loot, pending proper plugins are available and once we get into the server life for 6ish months.

I think we could set aside an area off of spawn for people to build some form of structure, be it a house or shop or something, as a community area to start the server off with, and from there, people can adventure out into the world to find their home.

Have I missed anything? Let me know if there's other questions you'd like answered, and one of the admins/mods will get on here to reply. Thanks for your inputs!
I must concede, tifreak, that Towny and EggCatcher have become a bit of a crutch. However, having a so-called crutch gives players the ability to focus on other things. Turq, at least, liked having a base that had a very dark theme. As for EggCatcher, getting rid of it would make for a different experience. I won't say it would be an improvement, but for those of us who are used to having it, it would be a potentially-fun change.

As for the economy, well . . . I'm no economist, but I'll take a stab at being one:

The issue with using lapis ore for money is that it is a fiat currency; it's not intrinsically very valuable. A fiat currency requires that people have faith in it for it to have value, and the staff isn't communist enough to order players to have faith.

I instead suggest a diamond-backed representative currency, in which players can sell diamonds to the server (not the ore) to get currency. Importantly, for the currency to be truly representative, players must also be able to use currency to buy back diamonds at the same rate. This allows, for example, players to trade fractional diamonds. It also gives players a hint for how to set prices: an unenchanted undamaged diamond chestplate obviously would go for eight diamonds.

Consider starting with one diamond for one currency unit. The current plugin allows trading as little as one one-thousandth of a unit, which should be plenty small enough for players. (Although, it could cause issues if any plugin wants to take percentages, due to insufficient precision in the fractional part.)

As for managing monetary supply, well, that's a can of worms I'll leave unopened.

Oh, and I'm guessing you're discounting out-of-hand letting us keep some starter gear from the current world. . . . But, I figured there's no harm in asking!
It's not being discounted, however, half the fun of a new map is starting from 0 and working your way up. :p

It's been discussed, and we may just move completely away from economy and sign shop completely, requiring a barter system and leave the server out of it. In this way, diamonds or other items for trade (I need iron and have plenty of X to trade to someone who has plenty of iron but needs X). This would eliminate the whole problem.

And yes, losing some of the features of towny might make some people sad, it has caused us considerable issue in the past with causing everyone to be stuck in place until an admin can bounce in and address the issue (I'm not fully aware what the issue was, only that it was Towny at fault). Besides, you can still make a very dark theme without the use of towny and still not have mobs spawn in. Elemental built an impressive cave that is completely dark to the game, yet no mobs spawn inside it.
Ayers wrote:
Are you guys doing those resets periodically? When's the next one?

Keep a lookout! They'll be a post soon about 1.13 Very Happy
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